The Designers Republic Sign Up For Formula Fusion

The Designers Republic, the chaps who gave the Wipeout series its unique style, have signed up to work with R8 Games (formed by ex-Wipeout developers) to work on Formula Fusion.

“I always said we’d never do another Wipeout,” said Ian Anderson, founder of The Designers Republic. “After Wip3out, the third installment, with the original team dispersing if not already long gone, The Idea was degenerating into a marketing led franchise — from our perspective — an ever decreasing circle of senseless reiteration cranked out for cash.”


“The difference for us with Formula Fusion is the return to values behind the game — the desire to make it, and the community aspect — the desire to not only play it, but to contribute to creating it,” he added.

The game is a spiritual successor to the Wipeout series which “promises many enhancements over the original version of Wipeout, including; craft and technology customisation, track editing tools, synchronous multiplayer with online leagues and a new hyper-speed mode.”

Just in case you were thinking Formula Fusion couldn’t get more Wipeout, R8 games have also announced that Tim Wright, a.k.a. CoLD SToRAGE, has agreed to collaborate with DUB FX on the sound track for the game.

The slightly disappointing news is that an early access version of Formula Fusion will be made available through the Steam Store in June 2015, with the full PC version following in Q2 2016. The console versions will follow after that, so we’re looking at around a two year wait for Wipeout-esque racing to grace the PlayStation once more.

Unless, of course, Sony have other plans…

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  1. Well thats annoying, I wanted them to work on a new Wipeout if it ever appears. Just not keen on the whole Formula 1 aspect.

    • Actually, have Designers Republic actually done anything in the last few years? I wasn’t too sure whether they still existed or not.

      • They went under/shut up shop a few years back. I don’t know what the deal is now, whether they are still based in Sheffield or not. I hope they are back as they are one of the reasons I got into the design business myself.

      • Yep. Half the work I do nowadays still has a little DR influence in it when I can get away with it.

  2. When I saw the video of this I really didnt like the way that the vehicles handeled

  3. Skweeeeeeee! Very excited for this.
    Might even have a PS4 by the time it finally launches…

  4. It’s all sounding quite promising, apart from the delay for consoles.

  5. Sheffield’s finest

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