A Trio Of Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition On PS4 Videos Appear Ahead Of Release

Sleeping Dogs is getting the remastered treatment, and that news was a bit of a surprise when it was first confirmed. Now the re-release of the game is only a few days away, with it releasing on the 10th of October. As a result new videos have been put up on the official Youtube channel showing off the various elements of the game including the fighting, driving, as well as a look at Hong Kong in some high definition glory. Have a watch below, and tell us if you’ll be picking this up.

Source: Sleeping Dogs Youtube Channel


  1. I’ve got this on order. Enjoyed the PS3 demo but never got around to playing it, so figured I’d go for the shinier version with all the DLC bundled in. Visually it doesn’t look that much different from Watch_Dogs, perhaps even a little less bland (due to the location).

    • It’s a good game youles well worth a purchase even i’m half tempted to buy it and I’ve played through it a couple of times on ps and xbox through the ps plus and games with gold giveaways!

      • Good to hear mate, cheers. I do have it on PS+ but it’s nice to have the improvements, DLC, PS4 Share options and the Dualshock 4. The visuals actually look more improved than in previous videos, so that’s good news. Not sure I’ll play it right away, but it’ll sit nicely in the backlog for a month or so! :)

  2. Great game, I will always remember discovering this when reading through the latest OPM and it got a 10/10! I’d never heard of it but I soon ordered it.

    Buying it from Cex this time (Credit keeps piling up, got to get rid of it somehow) but i’m happy in the knowledge they get money from me first time around.

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