Deadfall Adventures: Heart Of Atlantis Will Launch October 29th In Europe On PS3

The Farm 51 has announced a release date for its FPS title Deadfall Adventures: Heart Of Atlantis as October 29th in Europe, while North America gets the game on the 28th. The game is actually a release of the PC and Xbox 360 title that just went with the name Deadfall Adventures, and it released almost a year ago. The game follows James Lee Quartermain who travels around the world hunting for a treasure known as the Heart Of Atlantis, and on his journey must battle against strange monsters. It’s set in the 1930’s era.


This isn’t a straight port though with the PS3 version getting the following additions.

  • Fully upgraded gameplay and graphics
  • New location and secrets to explore
  • Exclusive survival/co-op DLC mode with two additional maps for PS3 owners
  • New boss fights
  • New cut scenes and improved visuals of cut scenes from the original
  • Improved levelling system
  • Completely new notepad system
  • New flashlight burst attack

The game will be a downloadable only title, and a price is yet to be confirmed.

Source: PS Blog



  1. The PC/360 version received fairly middling reviews but it looks like a bit of a romp. At the right price i could be interested.

  2. Another Uncharted rip off!

  3. There’s something about this game i can’t quite put my finger on……….it’ll come to me i know it will.:)

  4. If they price it right, could be good.

  5. I could be interested at the right price….

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