Driveclub To Suffer Further Disruption For “Essential Diagnostics”

Driveclub is going to get worse before it gets better as Evolution are currently running diagnostics to try an improve the server connections. The bad news is that the diagnostics may interfere with the lucky few who do manage to get on to the severs.

During the next 24hrs we are running essential diagnostics to help us improve the performance of the servers. This may disrupt online play for you when you do get connected.
We are sorry we don’t have more news to share right now but we will keep working hard to get you all up and running online as quickly as we can.

Evolution do seem to be doing their very best to sort the problem, albeit with little success.

Source: Facebook



  1. Proper job

  2. I was able to login last night, with only the club creator being unavailable. Checked again this morning before work and it’s still the same. Slow progress i guess.

  3. Delayed for a year. Still wasn’t ready.

  4. Utter utter shambles…

    • I think your wording is still not strong enough. It has been… an absolute and unmitigated disaster when we look at how they’ve handled things. I can easily forgive a delay as the game is unique; a unique entity with which they had an awful lot more to do to it. However, with that much time on their hands (to at least plan ahead) and the ability to stress-test servers with and without people playing, how the hell can the launch be handled so badly?

      I want DriveClub to do well but I want people to not forget how atrocious Evolution has been with regards to the launch so they never, EVER do anything like this again. It’s been bad enough where, if it happens to another exclusive soon, I think it might harm Sony’s reputation a touch. Sure, just a touch, but it all counts.

      • Not to forget that for a lot of people that pre-ordered the PS+ upgrade or the digital version are unable to download their pre-order bonus cars. Utter shambles indeed. Utter shambles…

  5. I take it the PS Plus version still isn’t available for UK subscribers?


    People who bought the full digital version or the ps plus upgrade have received the plus version instead – so no online, limited cars and tracks and the 3 free dlc cars are failing to download.

    Worst launch I can remember. Utter humiliation.

    • Not a problem everyone has had thankfully. I have the digital upgrade and it works fine in knowing I have the full version(not online yet though). I got connected on my first go this morning with limited access (could not create a club) then my next session does not allow any on-line at all. The pre-order cars are due to be resolved today as well which is promising.

      I love what I have played so far, I just can’t wait to get the full experience going.

  7. Feel geniunely sorry for the people at evolution. Naybe they underestimated demand (if that is the reason for the probs) but im sure they’ve worked very hard on this for a long time, only to see it all go to shit at the last minute

  8. I’ve enjoyed what Little i played this morning.
    Was it mildly annoying I couldn’t get online? Yes
    Will it ruin my life if it takes Evo a week or so to fix it? Not in the least.

  9. Well I just went on the store on my mac at work, the PS Plus edition is nowhere in sight but there is a free Mercedes AMG car which I’ve just downloaded. Not sure what thats all about but it’s mine now anyway. Wonder how many people got knocked off an online race when I pushed download? :)

    • The Merc AMG was a free DLC car available to all. Its the pre-order DLC cars that are currently locked out.

      • I was able to download and use the pre-order DLC cars yesterday, haven’t tried today yet.

  10. Guys, those of you who have managed to get your hands on it, what you thinking so far?
    I’m still tempted to upgrade to the £35 full version from plus if it means I can download it now from work and give it a spin when I get a home. Surely its better than the load of 5/10 scores and even the 2 & 3/10 scores I saw.

    • I have only played for an hour or so this morning, but from what I have played it is very good. I am rubbish at driving games so I am not after some massive simulation so for me it has the balance right between fun driving and something like GT that just bored me after a while. I can’t wait until lunch when I can have another go.

      it is a thing of beauty though, that cannot be denied.

    • I am enjoying it. The servers being down hasn’t bothered me so far as I would want to complete the offline bits before starting online bits.

    • Did 2 hours last night and had to drag myself away and go to bed, that’s a good a sign as any that I was satisfied with how it plays. It just feels right and looks the business. Not too sure where the complaints about the lack of AA in places come from, the game is a thing of beauty on my TV. Maybe people need to calibrate their TV settings properly :)

    • Cheers guys. I’ll probably purchase it in a bit if I can remember my bloody card no.

      • Played about four hours yesterday afternoon and really enjoyed it, the handling is really good with the DS4 so should be even better with a wheel (if you’ve got one of the few that’ll work). The only problem with it is the penalties, an AI driver will go far too fast into a corner, hit you then you a impact penalty with a reduced speed for X amount of time through no fault of your own.
        Apart from that it’s great.

      • Cool. Just purchased it & set it to download so hopefully it’ll be ready by the time I get home. Just briefly spoke to a couple of mates who seem to be enjoying it too.

    • 2 or 3/10?! Seriously who gave it that score. I fail to believe Driveclub could be deserving of a 2 or 3.

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