Far Cry 4 Trailers Introduce Villain Paul DePleur And Some More Gameplay

Today we have two Far Cry 4 trailers for your viewing, with the first introducing the leader of Pagan Min’s army, Paul DePleur. He appears to be as brutal as his boss, wreaking havoc on the population of Kyrat. He also overlooks Pagan Min’s operations like gun running, drug production, and the ever so sinister growth and exporting of tea. The trailer also focuses on the Lowland region of Kyrat, where many of the villages are.


The second trailer is all gameplay with the track ‘Crawl’ by rapper Childish Gambino playing over the top of it. This trailer is also a bit weirder, looking at some of the more supernatural elements within Far Cry 4. You also see a white tiger attack a person, and lots of people getting shot at. There’s also quite a lot fire in the second trailer too, and one section showing you stealing something from a plane then throwing a grenade into it.

Source: Youtube/PS Blog



  1. is it just me or do the characters look plop?
    the surroundings and the animals look really nice but the people look out of place

  2. I think this is my most anticipated game this year. I had great fun on FC3. This is looking better.

  3. Those graphics look very good, even with the compression applied by YouTube. I’m presuming that Ubisoft will drop the graphical performance ready for release.

  4. Looks great, good track from childish gambino aswell

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