10 Minutes Of Sunset Overdrive Footage Shows A Story Mission & A Challenge

Some new footage of Sunset Overdrive has been released, with these 10 minutes showing a story mission, and also one of the side challenges you’ll be able to partake in. The story mission has you searching for 4Kim who herself is on the search for an individual known as Brylcreem. The mission becomes a chase as 4Kim gets trapped in a train, and your job is to stop it by any means necessary. There’s quite a bit of humor surrounding the segment, with a lot of it making fun of the game’s absurd story, and the things surrounding it.

The second half of the footage focues on a side mission where you have to kill as many of the enemy as possible, all for a reality TV show called Buck Nation Versus The Apocalypse. Here you have to complete mini objectives to gain bonus points, like using a train to kill monsters, or grind while thinning their ranks. Having played Sunset Overdrive at EGX the gameplay footage isn’t hiding anything, but it doesn’t quite put across how much slower the game feels to play compared to the speed of the action.

Source: Youtube




  1. Visually it looks great, many similarites to R&C (weapons,platforming,grinding rails, humour) but that’s no bad thing and in fairness they’ve turned everything up to 11 so i think people will have fun with it.

  2. I think this looks great. Definitely a highlight for Xbone and far more original than any PS4 exclusive so far.

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