Lego Batman Gets A New Trailer And His Own Movie

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham has a new trailer featuring Stephen Amell, the actor who plays the Green Arrow in the hit TV show. Joining him is long term DC fan and director, Kevin Smith, and talk show host Conan O’Brien.


In related Lego Batman news, the star of the recent Lego Movie, the arrogant and supremely confident Batman, will have his own spin-off movie with Will Arnett reprising the voice of the Caped Crusader. If you have seen the Lego movie you will know how funny the character is and how he is obsessed with black and being an orphan.

If you have not seen the Lego Movie you are dead to me. Go away, you joyless meat sack.

Source: THR



  1. Awesome, Will did a great job with Batman, as did the rest of the cast with their characters. Beautiful film, better than Toy Story 3 in my opinion, I laughed, sang, nostalgified and cried my way through it and then when it finished I bought some Lego to play with.

  2. not just black, sometimes very, very dark grey. ^_^

    anyway, i’m looking forward to the new game, always love a Lego game.

    a Lego Batman movie done in the same style as the Lego movie should be cool.
    in fact i’d rather that than the smoother animation of something like the Lego games, the way they did the movie makes it stand out, so it doesn’t just look like a game cutscene.
    it could be awful, though i think that’s unlikely, and i’d still go see it.

    they could feature Wonder Woman and Superman and lead into a Lego Justice league movie.
    imagine if that was more successful than the live action JL movie.

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