Podcast: Episode 157 – Democracy, Destiny and Driveclub

Sadly Lewis is still missing from this week’s podcast, hopefully he’ll be back to the show soon. Unfortunately, his absence does mean this episode is short a quiz, but Peter, Kev and I somehow managed to muddle through.

Kev has been playing a little bit more Destiny, but spent most of his time talking about the TV show Peaky Blinders, which sounds quite good. The second series is airing on BBC Two at the moment if you’re UK based, while the first series is on Netflix.

If Kev’s TV focus isn’t for you don’t worry, Peter’s been playing plenty. Firstly he’s spent quite a bit of time with Driveclub, so he’s got a lot to say on the title (including a discussion of its server issues). He’s also been playing benevolent dictator in Democracy 3, where he’s somehow getting re-elected with other 90% supported without rigging the vote. Personally, I’m deeply suspicious, although he claims the public’s love is all because he’s turned Britain into a liberal utopia with its own space station.

As for me, I’ve got a few iOS games to talk about. First up is Crazy Taxi City Rush, an adaptation of a classic that many dismissed but I quite like. The mechanics are simple, and I wish you got more fuel, but it does work. I’ve also been playing i am a brave knight, which is more of an interactive story than a game, but it’s still sort of good in its own way.

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  1. A liberal utopia and a space station is all I ever wanted.. I’d vote for him.

  2. My dad’s mate was in the first season of Peaky Blinders. He played Billy Kimber?

  3. I’m starting to miss Lewis :(

    So it’s just as I thought initially. The fault for the issues is on Sony’s side, what is completely messed up. How did they not estimate correctly the numbers of people getting the game?! This is let down by SONY for , which I haven’t experienced for a long time. Not that I will now buy me a Nintendo and go on shouting “TO HELL WITH YOU, MY BELOVED FRANCHISE!”, but it’s definitely something I will remember for a long time as a major fuck up. I really hope they come back with some great gifts for everyone affected by this. I know the “money need” nowadays is BIG, but I cannot imagine they not doing anything.

    Ow Kris, Kris. Trying to act smart. How cute. Everyone understood what Peter meant with “ten eighty”.

    One again I don’t really get the problem in resolutions, frame rates bla bla bla. As long as the game “looks good” and “plays well” it’s fine with me. I agree that the “cinematic feeling” is bullshit, a sentence used to cover problems, but I think it’s curious that we get to say things about performance limitations so quickly after the consoles launch dates. The last sentences from Peter about where to find the top visual experience – very well said, agree!

    I did not know they were friends from old times :O Great, but anyway it’s a fantastic news about LBP3. It looks like it’s going to be another awesome to the core game, which me and my wife will just love to play, as the previous games :D Thinking about the question I asked last time, I think Little Big Planet is the last adventure “Crash alike” game on PlayStation. Don’t you think?

    Driveclub again?! Just kidding :P So a major part of the game is bound to the “social” stuff. I really would like to play the game in the PS+ version first. I’m concerned about a lot of things, some of them mentioned by Peter. The lack of things “only in Driveclub”. The close bound between your friend list and the gameplay. The short single player experience. Finally I’m really concerned about the driving, because it looks more like I’m watching one of the winter Olympic games where they use bobsleigh (I hope I got it right) instead of actual car driving.

    Isn’t Entwined a game made by a few students? I love such initiatives and people behind them. Glad it’s quite good.

    The last Crazy Taxi game I played was on a SEGA Dreamcast I think. I loved that game. Played it with a friend and had a lot of fun. Wasn’t The Offspring in the original soundtrack? I they were and also this reminds me of the “Californication” clip by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    iOS game? No thanks.

    The Flash? Is this a series about that guy who can run really fast? Well. who am I trying to pull here. I don’t have time for TV. The only thing I watch is anime One Piece with my wife and that has over 600 episodes. We are currently at episode 450 I think and so far every single episode was fantastic. That is unbelievable for me: over 400 episodes and the series keeps the same level of greatness. Stunning.

    Peter here is a idea: could you play with Poland in the strategy game? I’m curious to see how things work out xD

    No questions from me this time. Cannot remember what was I doing Thursday that made me forget about you guys recording. Oh well, I already have a few questions in my notes :D Peter you not right about the PS+ version of Driveclub. You cannot download it at all. That is the most frustrating thing about this whole issue.

    • It’s nice to know I’m being missed :)

  4. Thanks for bringing Democracy 3 to my attention Peter. Have now just bought it on the Humble Bundle and looking forward to playing it!

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