Glacier White PS4 Will Be Available To Purchase Standalone From Friday In UK

The glacier white PS4 will be releasing this Friday October 17th. The confirmation was given to Gamespot earlier today, though a price wasn’t given. It will probably be the RRP of £349.99, though individual retailers will likely have their own deals. The white PS4 was first revealed a few months ago alongside the Destiny alpha, and since then we have been waiting on news for when the standalone white PS4 would be coming. It will retain the 500GB hard drive.

The console is already available to buy in bundles like the aforementioned Destiny one, alongside a Driveclub bundle, and a Far Cry 4 one will also be releasing next month. No doubt other bundles will be announced as time goes on. There’s no news on when the console will be available alone in other markets.

Source: Gamespot



  1. Very pretty but not for me, I’ve just bought a PS4 again but a black one, hopefully it’ll arrive tomorrow! I also treated myself to a vertical stand, I think the machine looks much prettier standing upright, is there any sign of a white official stand yet?

    • The white vertical stand has been out since the release of the glacier Destiny bundle or very shortly after it’s in my local Game store,i used to have my black one on the vertical stand but how it made the PS4 vibrate made to much racket on my entertainment unit when the drives cranked up you could hear it downstairs,im just waiting on the white charging dock.

      • I had the same noise with my first PS4 when it was flat so I got a million sticky foam feet, which helped. From your experience it sounds like I might need them again even when vertical, which is a shame, maybe I’ll get a sticky rubber sheet instead and make a nice sound-dampening base. Good to hear there’s a white stand though! I bet it looks bloody slick.

      • A million sticky foam feet wow just wow i bet it was stacked really high lol ;) think you would be better off with a sheet of some kind for stability not that it should fall over.

  2. I agree that it looks pretty but I reckon that it’ll be a smudge/dust magnet so not for me either.

  3. I could be interested in a white controller.

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