10 Easy Steps To Get Pix The Cat For “Free” On The PlayStation Store

Little over an hour ago we posted a news story that gave you some decidedly shady pointers on how to exploit a glitch in the PlayStation Store to get an exceedingly popular game for free. That was pretty naughty of us, and we soon started to feel bad about it. Blair couldn’t sleep, Aran struggled to form coherent sentences and Peter, well, he started baking some cupcakes of apology, but he always does that.

We didn’t take too long before deciding to pull the story, but still struggled to assuage our collective sense of guilt. This night’s about to get even worse for the guys though, because we’ve received yet another tip that really highlights just how broken and easily exploited a digital gaming paradise the PlayStation Store really is!

Keep reading for the 10 shockingly easy steps needed to download PIX The Cat for FREE*, a game which was recently given a superb 9/10 by Aran. You’d best be quick, because it will probably only take the PS Store team a few weeks to remove this hack.

  1. Perform a Google search for store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com using the browser of your choice (we recommend Netscape Navigator 4.0 for the best experience)
  2. Click on the top link or, if you’re feeling lucky and have Google.com as your homepage, click on the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button.
  3. Click on “Sign in” in the top right hand corner of the screen and enter your log in details in the pop up window.
  4. Using the search bar in the top right hand corner of the screen, enter “Pix the Cat”.
  5. Press the Return key on your keyboard to initiate a search and select the first entry.
  6. Go and make a cup of tea while you wait for the “Add to Basket” button to load in.
  7. When presented with the choice, click to “Continue Shopping” to dismiss the pop up screen before clicking on the little shopping cart icon at the top of the screen. Do NOT under any circumstances click on “Show Basket”.
  8. Click on “Proceed to Checkout”.
  9. Click on “Order & Pay”.
  10. Click on “Download to your PS4” and enjoy your ill gotten gains.

Hopefully those instructions were nice and easy to follow. Obviously, bear in mind the mental anguish through which much of the team is going as we try to bring you these shocking revelations at all hours of the day. It’s getting late, so we’ll probably wait until the morning for our expose on how to get a hold of Dust: An Elysian Tale, Spelunky, Rainbow Moon, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Dungeon & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara for absolutely no money*!

*Please note, you must be a PlayStation Plus subscriber for this glitch to work.


  1. This glitch is called Playstation plus?

    • After saying yesterday “ask a grown up if you don’t understand” this post has made me laugh!!

  2. Hilarious :) I’ve been getting games for free using this glitch for years… ;)

    • You must tell us how!!?!?

    • Yeah please. It just tells me to add funds.

  3. sweet, i wonder if this little trick works with other games. ^_^

  4. I posted a comment in the “other” thread and then got a 404 error back…wondered what happened to it! I assumed the guilt overcame you all!

  5. I’ve got a guide for getting Killzone Shadow Fall for free, following these easy to comprehend steps:
    1. Think. This should be done sitting down, preferably on the loo, in a nursery or in your dungeon.
    2. After your gooey cogitating slop has warned itself up with some thinking, try to recall a friend or relative who fulfills both of the following criteria:
    a) You are on friendly speaking terms with.
    b) Owns Killzone Shadowfall.
    3. Good work so far, keep it up! Time to wipe your arse and flush, leave the nursery or tidy up your private dark place in preparation for your next visit.
    4. Ask the friend or relative, on your next encounter, if you may ‘temporarily’ be lent Killzone Shadow Fall.
    5. Graciously accept the loan of Killzone Shadow Fall and enjoy playing it. Remember you don’t own it yet, if you’re struggling with this revisit your preferred thinking spot and consider again how you reached step 5. Do not stare at the children.
    6. Keep the game and do not return it to your kind hearted but naively screwed friend or relative. If said person has protested about you still having the game before they’ve forgotten about it tell them one of the following:
    a) They’re a materialistic stinky face and should realise that there’s more to life than possessions.
    b) Sorry, you’ll bring it back tomorrow, you promise. You won’t.
    c) Oh look, that man over there has dropped his trousers and is pooing on the crest of that automatic bollard! Can’t you see him? Just over there. (And then leave)
    Under no circumstances should you attempt to ply your friend or relative with alcohol as this constitutes paying for Killzone Shadow Fall.
    7. Congratulations, if you stuck with it you now own Killzone Shadow Fall and you’re a bastard.

    • Woops Ron’s lost his marbles!

      • That happened a while ago. Im slightly upset that everyone else can talk about dungeons and poo and get a laugh but I just get the piss taken! There must be a secret third ingredient to the humerous comment out there somewhere…

    • Oooppps I forgot to do step 3…does it matter?

      • that ones a crucial step, mostly for legal and hygiene reasons, best sort it out :)

    • Brilliant.

      • Ooh, hey Blair, can I join the TSA KZSF clan please? Just for giggles and a sense of belonging. I guess I need an invitation, I’m on the KZ website now and cant see any requesty type buttons.

      • I’ll ping Tuffcub and Tef, they’re the leaders. What’s your PSN ID?

      • ron_mcphatty
        Very kind of you thanks mate. I was very skeptical of TC’s Killzone adoration, but I bloody love Mercenary so should’ve known SF’s multiplayer would be excellent. It really is!

  6. I don’t like admitting this but in the past I have used this method to get Batman, Need For Speed, Crysis, etc. Loads of games. It’s so easy.

  7. Man, doctors… I mean Sony, must hate you guys.

  8. I heard about such a glitch over a week ago. I assume it’s related to this one in some way.

    The rumour was that you could download 1/5th of some new-fangled driving game The Driving Crew, or something like that (can’t quite remember the name). Even though the glitch would only let you play some of the game, it sounded like quite a big chunk. Probably would have been enough to see if I liked the game.

    Unfortunately, Sony seem to have fixed that particular issue and want to charge me lots for the game instead. So I download some South Park pinballs instead. Which is fun, although there seems to be a glitch in that as well where you end up with several pinballs instead of the traditional single pinballs. This makes it hard to concentrate on where your balls are going, which is something I’ve previously got into trouble for.

  9. It’s good to see people are still using Netscape Navigator!

    • I’m upset at the recommendation to use the new, bloated version 4.0. Everyone knows 1.1 was the best version.

  10. Shamefully, i use this glitch regularly to get games i’m not even interested in.

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