Zombies Confirmed For Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Those ever-present zombies are to invade Call of Duty once more as part of the Exo Survival mode. The news first leaked out when the Xbox Achievements were listed and one seemed to show a zombie as the icon.



Shortly after Sledgehammer’s chief development officer, Michael Condrey, confirmed the news by posting a larger version of the icon on his Instagram page with the caption “Oh my!!! Confirmed.”


The zombies, some of which are wearing Exo suits, may be part of a DLC pack as the image is named “codaw-dlc.”

Source: Exophase / Instagram



  1. Seems like they’ll only be in one wave of the survival mode, i may be wrong. Better than not at all though!
    I’ve always wanted a killstreak for the multiplayer where a horde of zombies is released :D

  2. Zombies, really? Dear god.

  3. Co-op horde and now this, good to see original ideas are flowing

  4. I know for a fact this will sell copies as 5 of my friends only buy CoD for Zombies, hence they never bought Ghosts

  5. I’m buying this just for the zombies! World at qar was amazing when you completed it, and you unlocked zombies – I actually didn’t know about it until completition either! :p

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