New Destiny Leak Reveals Possible Level Cap Increase & Raid Loot

Another leak has revealed more information about what you can expect to earn from The Dark Below DLC for Destiny. This is the second big information leak for the game, with a previous one revealing new locations, raids and strikes tied to the expansions. The main information this time is the armour sets that players can get from the Crota’s End raid, with each class getting its own set. The list of items is below for you to browse.




The leak also states that Crota’s End hard mode is aimed at players at Level 32 or above, though the current limit is Level 30, A new strike playlist for Level 28 and over also appeared in the data. The Trial Of Osiris event will also reap new items including a legendary Sparrow.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Err bit of a formatting problem with your hunter gear there.

  2. I’m loving the game and have logged over 130hours on it but, from what has been leaked, wonder if the DLC is worth £20 (or even £17.50 with the season pass discount).

    Also – is a “strike playlist” new content? New strikes are – but a playlist is just a bunch of strikes – presumably some old, some new. I understand that strikes at LVL28 may mean some new behaviour and possibly even some new mini-boss encounters in old strikes but, really…

  3. I should go back to Destiny.

    FIFA killed it for me, I think I’m only level 11 or something.

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