September NPD Results: PS4 Triples In Sales Over August, Destiny Breaks Records

The latest NPD results are in, measuring video game hardware and software sales for the month of September in the US. Since launch – which is nearing a year now – the PS4 has ruled over the Xbox One, and Sony’s machine takes the top spot again, almost tripling its own sales from August.

Software sales declined overall, though hardware sales were up by 136%, which means the overall industry sales are up by 2%. Despite the decline in software, Destiny proved exceedingly popular: it’s the most popular game of the year as well as the best launch month of all time for any new IP. It also helped Sony break record with the PlayStation Store.

But Destiny still sold more on Xbox One than it did on PS4, in part due to the fact that PS4 hardware bundles don’t count towards overall sales but the free copies that came with Xbox One consoles did. It’s a bit of a flawed system in that regard. You can see the top ten list of games sold below.


Smash Bros. For 3DS also sold over 700,000 copies, which is a superb amount for a game that released in the last few days of the NPD count, and that led to an increase of 3DS systems sold by 55%.




  1. The PS4 really is a beast. It’s killing it and deservedly so.

  2. It’s mad that Diablo 3 is still in the top 10.

    Even if it’s on a different console, the sales it had on PC originally were already incredible.

  3. So Destiny, madden bundle and that free game promotion didn’t push X1 past ps4… Although it could be just behind.

    This November will be interesting, if it doesn’t pass ps4 then, it won’t until the middle of next year (halo 5 surely)

    • Correction, I forgot it was delayed again to q4 2015

  4. Does anyone know how many PS4 Destiny Bundles were sold…? Bungie have said that there are more people playing Destiny on the PS4 than anywhere else…

  5. Not surprising, there’s been little else to get excited about on PS4 until the much hyped Destiny released.

  6. *sigh* I still don’t get its popularity. No wonder Sony aren’t bothering to support the damn thing as it looks like they’ll get console sales anyway.

    • Same here. When you look at the huge difference in exclusives you do wonder why people are buying it. Future releases & a dislike of Microsoft is all I can think.

      • I suppose it’s personal preference. I’ve always been more into Sony exclusives so the xBox has never had much appeal to me. Don’t get me wrong, there has been the odd game that I am supremely jealous of but overall, Sony has always had the bigger pull for unique games.

      • Yeah. I probably come across as anti-Sony at the moment, which I can assure you I am not. My first console was a PS1 and I’ve picked up every console Sony has released (yes, even the PSPGo…) but its pretty frustrating to see the PS4 flying off the shelves when I feel Microsoft and Nintendo are doing a much better job this gen so far.

      • In what way do you think they are doing a better job? This isn’t me arguing, just wanting some feedback.

        I won’t comment on Nintendo, I really don’t keep up with their news and because of that I (rightly or wrongly) see it as being a bit of a failure.

        As for Xbox, their updates have been great. Yes, most of the features should have been there on release, but that’s no different to PS4. Even just their communication regarding the updates is what makes it nmore acceptable.

        However, PS4 (in my eyes) seems to be pushing the more interesting exclusives and it also seems to be getting the better success in pushing top specs.

        The PSN is woefull. Absolutely atrocious, but since I very rarely play online it doesn’t affect me much. That doesn’t excuse it but it does allow for my personal feelings on it be dulled a tad.

        Anyway, just was interested on your thoughts.

      • You only have to look at the console’s Christmas line up to see which companies are actually bothering with this new gen so far and which aren’t.

        Nintendo: Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros U, Captain Toad
        Microsoft: Sunset Overdrive, Halo Collection, Forza Horizon 2
        Sony: LBP3 (which is also a PS3 game) and DriveClub which has been a huge failure.

        Couple that with terrible reviews for Knack/Killzone and ho-hum reviews for Infamous, yeah, its been a terrible first year for PS4 and yet somehow it keeps on selling. You know its bad when Sony consider Destiny, a multi-format shooter, to be their big title this year…

        I own all three platforms and, while the Xbox One and Wii U have gone from strength to strength this year, my PS4 is collecting dust and it doesn’t feel like much has changed since launch day.

      • With the amount of games coming out between now and christmas Sony would probably be stupid to release any big hitters before christmas. With next gen GTA V, Assassins Creed, Far Cry, the Crew & god knows how many others I can’t see it making much difference. There’s going to be an abundance of games this Xmas, then when next year strikes the exclusives are gonna start hitting left, right and centre.
        I should imagine FIFA and Destiny are still on a lot of peoples Xmas list disregarding the rest.
        To say they’re not bothered about next gen so far when you see how many exclusives are in the pipeline is stupid.

      • Fair enough.

        One point I’ll make is you say that LBP3 is a PS3 game but then you list Halo Collection in your top games. Driveclub has been a bit of a disaster, you’re right.

        As for Sony doing that with Destiny, did seem odd and outwith their usual plan of attack, but it has seemed to work which is good (for them, not us).

        Killzone was pretty unimpressive. Visually i. But gameplay wise, I found it tedious and boring. I thought infamous was great and I might be wrong but is it not averaging about 8/10 which in my eyes, is very good. Forza averages just over 8.5/10. Not massively better than “ho-hum”.

      • So LBP gets dismissed as its a PS3 game but Halo doesn’t get ruled out for being Xbox 360? At least LBP is all new, unlike Halo.

        Also your dismissing Driveclub as huge failure before anyone has reviewed Sunset Overdrive which could tun out to be broken as well.

        If you are going to make comparisons, you need to compare like for like. And the simple matter is, exclusives don’t matter anymore, ESPECIALLY at Christmas when the majority of third party games are out.

        And yes, Sony consider Destiny as there big game, did you not spot that since the day it has been announced it has ALWAYS been championed by PlayStation? It got announced on the PlayStation stage!

        What you wrote was a load of tosh. Sony are flogging more consoles because it’s a more liked product (they sold twice as many XB1s btw, MS scraped 1/4 mill, sony over 1/2m),

        Exclusives don’t matter – they REALLY dont, just look at how Mario Kart 8 failed to sell any Wii Us – reviews don’t matter, hardware doesn’t matter. The perceived value of the BRAND matters and MS fucked that from the start, then fucked it more by dropping Kinect and panic price cutting. Same reason why the inferior Wii outsold Xbox 360 and PS3, it was perceived to be the better product, more fun, easier to use.

        Your statement that “which companies are actually bothering with this new gen so far and which aren’t” is very silly and blatantly not true.

        Anyway if you want exclusives go on the PSN, there’s hundreds of the fuckers on there. The market has changed, exclusive AAA titles will be few and far between on all consoles.

        Also, if we are comparing PS4 vs X1 exclusives – and expand over 2015, PS4 wins hands down. Let It Die, No Mans Sky, Bloodborne, Grim Fandango, Magicka 2, Uncharted 4, The new Guerilla Game, Daylight, the new Media Molecule game, The Order, Abzu, Planetside, Primal Carnage, Deep Down, Until Dawn etc etc.

        None of them will shift consoles tho. Mebbe Uncharted a bit.

        Now shush.

      • I got my xbox to play games like Dead rising 3, Ryse, Killer Instinct, Titanfall, Forza. Indies don’t interest me enough to buy a ps4 for them and Killzone, Knack & Infamous didn’t interest me enough either. As soon as they stick Warhawk 2 on it though I’ll get one.

        From the responses it looks like I’m exactly right that its future releases and a dislike of MS that made the decision for people.

      • In all honesty, I haven’t been interested in a single MS exclusive either apart from Forza but DriveClub cancels that out. It’s online problems are still atrocious but I’m enjoying the hell out of the single player campaign to the point that it’s not really bothered me so far, it will however once I’ve done everything and want to go online and it’s still not working. Despite what most reviewers and critics have said, once this is working properly and they introduce the weather patch I honestly believe this game will be nothing short of amazing. I’ll probably be on the companion app everyday at work keeping an eye on challenges etc.

      • Lol at the conspiracy theories. ‘Dislike of Microsoft’. Yes, all of those millions buying the PS4 are raging fanboys and despise a company. As Tuffcub said, it’s because they fucked the brand within the first 6 months of the Xbox One being unveiled. They did ALOT of damage, genuine severe damage. They fucked their chances and to a lot of people, the console was seen as a joke. That negative stigma is STILL attached to the console for alot of the public. It’s all about perception and gamers who aren’t enthusiasts such as us – for example, they’d never check a site for gaming news – still perceive the Xbox One to be a ‘bad’ console purely because of all that. That’s just how it is.

        Also to Dave, Forza Horizon 2 is also on the 360 so that puts it level with LBP3. Then you have Halo which is just a re-release. So really it’s down to Sunset Overdrive. One game, which hasn’t even been released yet. Lets not skew things here.

    • Hey???
      Hell guys, depends what you’re comparing it with but it doesn’t take a genius to work it out.
      The fact it’s cheaper (or was) and more powerful/superior than it’s closest rival and plays most games in 1080p pretty much sums it up.
      “When you look at the huge difference in exclusives you do wonder why people are buying it” – What are you on about? lol. There’s been a good handful of exclusives & plenty of exclusives on their way, even half the people I know who had a 360 ended up buying a PS3 just for the Uncharted games and everyone knows Uncharted 4 will be out in the not too distant future.
      I admittedly have a dislike of Microsoft and rightly so and that’s pretty much down to some of Microsofts ridiculous actions of late which I could rant about for hours but won’t as it gets boring now.
      In all honesty it makes me sigh when people buy an Xbox over a PS4. Deary me ;)

    • That head start Sony has will make a huge difference. People will generally go for the console most of their friends have and more people own a PS4. Sure, MS had the headstart last gen and Sony managed to catch up, even outsell the 360 with the PS3, but the PS3 had a lot going for it (bluray/incredible exclusives etc.). MS doesn’t have that with the XB1. All MS has is ‘exclusive’ games and you can get most of them on pc. Multiplats generally look and play better on PS4 – unless they’re gimped to avoid all the debates and stuff. Add to that inferior hardware, poor brand recognition and and an ugly ass design and you have your answer as to why the PS4 is outselling the XB1.

  7. Surprised that the Destiny bundle made that much difference. Almost tripling sales from the previous month is impressive; were that many people holding out for a white console?

    If the stats doing the rounds are right then the PS4 sold almost double the Xbox1, give or take 15k!

    • What surprises me is that there were predictions that the X1 had outsold the PS4 for the month but that’ll teach me to listen to Michael Pachter any time soon. :-)

      • I’m not sure if Pachter really believed it, or whether he did it just to watch the ensuing meltdown!

        I guess he’s keeping a low profile today.

        Regardless of the sales split, the installed base of the current gen is looking good now.

      • One of my favorite things about TSA is they generally ignore everything Pachter says. I still remember him saying GTA5 was coming out in 2010, along with a Wii HD the same year. He just says any random tripe hoping some will be correct.

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