(Updated) Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror Casts You As A Ghost From This Week On Vita & PC

Update: Glitchy Pixel has got in touch about the European release, and it isn’t great news.

Unfortunately, we’ve been having some trouble with releasing the PS Vita version in  UK and Europe. We expect for this to be resolved soon though.The global steam version will release tomorrow October 21st, and the PS Vita NA version will release on the 28th, so we expect no much longer for it to be released on Europe after that.
Original Story

It’s almost Halloween and to celebrate that fact Glitchy Pixel has announced Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror will be released this week on PC and Vita. The puts players in the role of a poltergeist with the aim to scare the living as much as possible. According to the official game’s site Poltergeist will release on PC on October 21st, and October 26th on Vita but it is only listed for North America, priced at $7.99.We’ll check to see what’s happening for Europe and the UK.

There are 60 levels in total set across four different historical times. The trailer shows you can do this in quite a few ways from flipping furniture, all the way to possessing people. It seems most of the levels will be likes this, and it looks like the aim is to make the living run away.There will be boss characters who will be much harder to scare, and they can also fight back. These enemies include witches and a ghostbuster.

Source: Press Release