Amiibo Support Coming To Hyrule Warriors

Nintendo’s upcoming NFC-enabled figurine platform, amiibo, will be compatible with the recently released Legend of Zelda spin-off Hyrule Warriors. Naturally, only the Link figure will work with the game.


In which exact capacity this will work is not yet known, but there are plenty of opportunities to create something great with this, such as saving your own Link’s progress to the figurine for use in co-op on a friend’s game. Nintendo seem to be pushing the platform with their first-party titles – though mainly Smash Bros. – with Mario Kart compatibility also confirmed.

Hopefully we see other figurines from The Legend of Zelda too, as I for one would collect them all.

Source: twitter


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  1. I fear Nintendo haven’t thought this whole Amiibo thing through. Surely, some figures will become far more useful than others, as they’ll appear in more games.

    There needs to be a general use for them outside of Smash. Even there they’re kinda useless, being customised AI-controlled fighters to fill the slot of a non-custom AI-controlled fighters or real players.

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