Senran Kagura Bon Appétit! Mixes Rhythm & Cooking On Vita From November 12th

Marvelous Europe has announced a new Senran Kagura game coming to these shores, this time doing away with fighting and instead moving to another stressful task, cooking. Senran Kagura Bon Appétit! will launch on November 12th for Vita, and mixes a rhythm game that focuses on beating your opponent in the kitchen instead of in a fighting arena. The game features 10 songs and dishes to perfect in an attempt to win the grand prize, which is a scroll that grants any wish.


There will be additional songs available via DLC too. Speaking of DLC Bon Appétit! will allow players to import DLC characters and costumes from Shinovi Versus. The game will cost €14.99 and will be a digital only title.

Source: Press Release



  1. Oh my! (*as said by Mr Sulu)

    Vita redeemed.

  2. “a rhythm game that focuses on beating your opponent”
    yeah right I’ll be focusing on those digital boobies!

  3. a rhythm cooking game?

    mind you, when i play these rhythm games, anything could be going on on screen, i’d just be concentrating on the symbols coming up.

    but seriously Japanese developers, you can’t even make a cooking game, albeit a rhythm cooking game, where the girls don’t get their clothes ripped off?

    • Is there any other way to cook?

    • I don’t think they never will, its Japan.

  4. I got all echhi supported games isn’t it just me there now a flood of them in 1 year.

    & it’s a good thing uncensored too not like criminal girls that will be butcher to death pardon then pun, but it’s okay because a censored game is a SJWs friendly game. Even then they still NOT happy about if the game censored or not funny that eh.

    I got a question for hazel: do you see yourself as a video game player or game & are you a femmist?

    For me I say I’m a gamer & the ID of gamer is not dead some cutter press use that & wish it. I can’t ceck my privilege because it’s a NA thing.

    But for that title to be that price jeez that’s cheap. :)

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