Lords Of The Fallen Developer Responds To Early Preview Concerns

Lords of the Fallen might be coming out next week, but it’s already out in the wild and in the hands of a number of people working on previews, reviews and, of course, videos. It’s really off the back of this that some early criticism and doubts have emerged about some aspects of the game, with natural comparisons being made to the Dark Souls series. In response to this, CI Games have posted a video to address some of these topics of discussion.


Right off the bat, they explain how the character speed isn’t fixed, but instead is dependent on how much your equipped armour and weaponry weighs. Attack speed, meanwhile, is based more about the kind of weapon you have equipped, so that you can have heavy armour but still a quick attack weapon.

They also discuss how deaths are dealt with in game, with your ghost persisting longer in the world depending on how large an experience multiplier you had and also providing a buff when you are nearby, something which can be used to your advantage in combat.

There’s a few other topics in there, but when there are often so many systems at play in games that can easily pass players by, this is quite an interesting and mature way of responding to things that people are saying and commenting on, and a good way of demonstrating how closely CI have been listening to their fanbase.