Xbox One Won’t Get A Screenshot Feature Until Next Year

A week ago Shadow of Mordor was patched to include a photo mode, great for those on PlayStation 4 but less so for those on Xbox One as the console does not take screenshots, and that’s not going to change until next year.

“In December, it’s probably a time for us to pause for a little bit and settle just as all the new consoles are coming online,” said Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer. “As we come back into the new year, we’ll see new stuff, and screenshots is on the list,” he added.

“It’s a little more technically challenging than I thought. Two weeks ago, they think they’ve found a good solution for screenshots. They’re working on it. They know people want it. The team has a path to getting it done, and now it’s just prioritizing,” said Phil.

He also said that install times on the console were a priority for him personally and the team are working hard to improve them.

Source: IGN



  1. Install times should definitely be the priority, its ridiculous how long it takes and some games even make you do a second install after you start it!

  2. We’ll just have to make do with all the other cool features they’re adding then.

    • Like? All the stuff I have seen is either pointless chaff, bug fixes or ps4 catch up

      • Have a snickers Blighty, you turn into a right diva when you’re hungry.

      • Some of their stuff is catch-up but other features are genuinely good. Don’t be so blinkered, Blighty. Sony and Microsoft could do a lot by learning from each other. Good and bad.

      • Starman’s response deserves a +1. Best comment of the day so far.

  3. Grabbing screenshots is probably one of my most used features on PS4 so i’m surprised it hasn’t been implemented on XB1 yet – not that Microsoft have been lacking in their monthly updates.
    I wasn’t aware of the install times though – i can usually start playing my PS4 games within a few minutes of beginning the installation – does the XB1 take significantly longer?

    • yeah, I think on ps4 it installs the first part and then lets you play while its installing the rest, on xbox it seems like it installs the whole lot at once before letting you play. Some games even do a secondary install when you start the game!

      In this video the ps4 has the game playing before the xbox has even installed 1%

    • It’s usually about 5-10 minutes until you can start a game, it lets you start at about a quarter of the install. I think the X1 has a slower bluray drive than PS4 so I don’t know how it could be sped up much more, though I’m no tech expert.

      You can do anything else during the install like play a game off the HDD etc.

      • Well at least you can go and do other stuff while you’re waiting like on PS4 so that’s not so bad.
        I wonder if it has something to do with the way the game data is formatted for XB1 discs, rather than the bluray drive speed. If so, it could probably be improved.

  4. Meh, whatever
    Sure this floats some peoples boats but since when have features become more important than games?
    My personal view on stuff like this is if it doesn’t direcly impact a game, or my ability to play said game, whilst it might be nice to have I’m not going to throw my toys out the cot because I don’t have it NOW!
    Features won’t go amiss, but they’re certainly not high enough in my agenda to care overmuch about them

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