Codemasters Announce Toybox Turbos For PC, PS3 And Xbox 360

Long Version: The Codies have announced Toybox Turbos, a retro table top racing game for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


The arcade racer has 18 obstacle and short-cut filled circuits “inspired by childhood locations” and four-player local and online multiplayer. There are 35 vehicles to collect and customise, ranging from sports cars and dragsters to emergency vehicles, taxis, ice cream vans, construction vehicles and milk floats.

The game also has six race modes including classic, time trial, escape and elimation, and of course there are power ups to collect including machine guns, mines, electronic pulses and giant hammers.

Toybox Turbos will be available for Windows PC from Steam on 12th November priced at £11.99 and the console versions will follow shortly after.

Short Version:
Codies have made a new Micro Machines! Wheeeee!

Source: Press release



  1. You could have just put the short version there. Save everyone some time. Time you could have spent asking them “Why you no do PS4 version?”

    • I think Codies wanted to avoid the PS4 1080p/60fps debate against the xboxone. [joke]

    • Codies seem to be having Next gen engine troubles, which is why F1 is only last gen this year.

      • Agreed. Grid Autosport, F1 2014 and now this, all “last gen”. Hope their next title is on PS4!

  2. In other words micro machines just renamed?

    I did enjoy the mega drive games oh the classics.

  3. They should’ve used the micro machines name, they probably think its that long ago that nobody remembers it.

    Looks good anyway, but not releasing on new consoles is odd.

    • They’d need to license the branding from Hasbro in order to do that.

      • Ah forgot about that, I always thought of the game when I saw micro machines.

  4. If this has the classic “push off the edge of the screen” multilayer like in Circuit Breakers and Mashed, I’m in by default!

    And “why you no do PS4?”

  5. I`ll be getting this. I might even play some online games on this!!!!!!

  6. I’m excited for this, hopefully it arrives soon on PS3. So many games, so little time!

  7. Vita would be a terrible fit for this… That’s why they’re ignoring it?

  8. Yay! Love me some micro machines inspired stuff.

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