GTA San Andreas Re-Release Confirmed For Xbox 360, Launching This Week

Well, that was quick. Achievements popped up a couple of days ago suggesting that a remastered version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas would be heading to Xbox 360.

Now, Rockstar have confirmed that the game will be heading to the system this Sunday. They’ve announced it quietly via a support page, and also revealed a few details about the game:


GTA: San Andreas on the Xbox Marketplace will be available again for purchase beginning October 26th, 2014, through Games on Demand. This version features 720p resolution, enhanced draw distance, and Achievement support.

Save files from the Xbox Originals version will not be compatible, so you’ll have to start again, and you’ll also have to purchase the new remastered version of the game.

There’s no word on a PS3 release – a Rockstar representative told Polygon that the page only refers to the Xbox 360 version, though hopefully we could see that come along soon too. We’ll keep you updated.

Source: Rockstar



  1. This is a bit odd.

    I’d always assumed that a HD remaster of a GTA game would involve a lot of hype and advertising, not a quiet leak just before it released onto the store.

    Given how quiet Microsoft have been on this leads me to suspect it’s multiplat, but then again everybody involved has been quiet. Odd.

    • Should imagine the reason it’s not been hyped as much as normal,is because they want as much interest and publicity drawn towards the next-gen versions of V I’d imagine?

  2. It’s got to be coming to PS3 aswell as GTA SA PS2 classic isn’t on the european PS store anymore, only the US store. Why remove it like the Xbox version only to never release the HD remaster ?.

  3. so i can play San Andreas, while listening to the soundtrack from Vice City, thanks to the 360 custom soundtrack support in every game.
    might be worth picking up if it’s not too expensive.
    the last time i tried GTA SA on my 360 it was a little buggy, i’d imagine a proper port rather than an emulated version would work better.

  4. I hope they do bring the port to PS3 (or even PS4) because it’s a great game but given how it pushed the PS2 I’d rather play a PC port with solid performance than the emulated copy that was on the store.

  5. Timed exclusive for MS? Seems odd there’s been no marketing for it from both Rockstar and MS, especially the latter as I would have thought they would have made a big song and dance about the exclusive like they usually do.

  6. Now make me a 900p @ 45 fps version for my Xbone!

  7. come on ps3/vita version!…

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