Community Chronicle: 26/10/14

It’s taken us a little while to figure out what was wrong and what we could do to fix them, but the forums are back up and running! So, with that in mind, I implore you all to click that little forum button up there and get posting. How are you going to celebrate their return? What have you been playing recently? Or maybe you want to get a few people together for a game?


I’m quite bored of talking about system software updates in this section, so let’s focus on the actual games themselves, and a trio of rather odd decisions. First up, in a move that the marketing team had surely hoped would be a positive mark to Halo: The Master Chief Collection, it was revealed that the game will have 20GB of extra downloadable content that couldn’t fit onto the disc itself.

That’s a great sign of just how much stuff is included, but people queried why a second disc wasn’t added to the box itself. 3shirts asked, “In what universe is a 20Gb download more practical than a second disk that is only needed for the installation?”

Similarly, Tony C thought of those with download limit, saying, “What about the millions of people that have a monthly download limit that is considerably lower than that, then have to pay for every extra gig downloaded? It is that bad, prohibitively bad for literally millions of people.”

Seeing as a second disc in the box would end up costing more to produce, and was likely a factor, Bunimomike figured that this was just down to a messaging problem:

It would have been nice if they’d simply said:

It means we bump up the production costs and pass that onto you. We didn’t want to do that. Equally, the extra time available allows us to iron out any issues all the way up to release.

Two genuine benefits for consumers that would’ve had them smiling and thinking “Cheers, 343 Industries”.

Did you know that Mike has a doctorate in spin?

In other re-release news, not content with shoving GTA V out the door on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, GTA San Andreas has just made the leap to – wait for it – Xbox 360. That’s right, San Andreas is now out in glorious 720p and with achievements on Xbox 360.

Colmshan1990 said, “This is a bit odd. I’d always assumed that a HD remaster of a GTA game would involve a lot of hype and advertising, not a quiet leak just before it released onto the store.” He also wondered whether this might point to a multiplatform release, with Microsoft simply getting the first bite of the apple.

Not everyone wants the game on PS3 though, and Hazelam‘s mind works in mysterious ways, as she noted, “So I can play San Andreas, while listening to the soundtrack from Vice City, thanks to the 360 custom soundtrack support in every game? Sweet.”

Finally, another little last generation oddity, as Codemasters announced a new game called Toybox Turbos for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

When Tuffcub pointed out this effectively meant that “Codies have made a new Micro Machines!” as a summary of the news, MrYd replied, “You could have just put the short version there. Save everyone some time. Time you could have spent asking them ‘Why you no do PS4 version?'”

Though others wanted current gen versions and even wanted the Micro Machines branding, scavenga simply said, “If this has the classic ‘push off the edge of the screen’ multiplayer like in Circuit Breakers and Mashed, I’m in by default!” and Sitorimon commented to say, “Yay! Love me some micro machines inspired stuff.”

Even so, here’s looking forward to a time when Codies have made the jump to the newer consoles…


It’s quite a subdued week on the achievements from, but Avenger has finally managed to pass the required mileage to grab the Gran Turismo 6 platinum, in addition to noting in the forums that he got the Battlefield 3 platinum earlier this summer. Broonba has also been mopping up trophies, this time with Far Cry 3, where it sounds like he’s nabbed that platinum, while a few people have managed to blitz their way through Peggle 2, with tactical20 just two trophies off the platinum there.

Crazy_Del took to the forums to properly stake his claim to some platinum trophy records, for FIFA 15, Alien Isolation and The Bureau: XCOM Declassified – he’s also just waiting on a few online trophies in DriveClub.

DividSmythe posted a date for Dust: An Elysian Tail too, while JustTaylorNow hopes he’s got the best time for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Reckon you have any fresh records of your own?

With the forums back up and running, you can head over to page two for the return of the Fastest Platinum boards and see those new records slotted in. To finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments.

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  1. well, that’s what i’ve always wanted, a game world like San Andreas, with the soundtrack of Vice City.
    is that so wrong? ^_^

    now an 80s set GTA V spin off, a Los Santos City Stories type deal, would be awesome.
    just imagine what they could do with that setting in the 80s, it’s ripe for some satire, i mean, L.A. in the 80s, even more to work with there than the Miami style setting of Vice City.

    and i’m still waiting for my first platinum let alone getting a fastest platinum. :(

  2. Cheers for the mention :D
    I am working on getting a Platinum on Deadpool as I only need to play it again on higher difficulty :)

  3. Aye, cheers from me too.
    I can’t decide whether to start Metro Last Light (PS3), Dragons Dogma (also PS3) or Watchdogs (PS4) as they’ve been part of my backlog for many moons.

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