Podcast: Episode 159 – Avengers, Angry Birds and Bayonetta

Lewis had to skip this podcast recording due to an unforeseen biting incident. I’m not even making that up. Kris, Kev and myself were on hand though, to ensure that you get your weekly quota of rambling, messing about, venting and the occasional mention of a video game or two.

We talked a bit about the trailer for the next Avengers movie, which has Kris suitably excited. We also touched on Bayonetta 2 because I played the demo on Wii U. I can’t think of the last time I played something so utterly incomprehensible. Then Kris and Kev argued about whether Angry Birds: Transformers is any good.

We did a quiz, set by Kris in Lewis’ absence, all about Marvel’s greatest super hero team and then we answered some of your questions. It was lovely.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. I couldn’t play Pix the Cat. It was so annoying. I like Pacman and I like Snake but I felt the ‘playing field’ to small for all that action that was going on.

  2. Yes, that is exactly what I was listening in my head while writing the “twitter hello” :D Done by Outcast of course. Anyway, just because someone is in a hospital doesn’t mean he cannot do a podcast. What? Did he got bitten in his tongue? I don’t think so.

    I agree the Avengers trailer looks great. I liked the previous one very much and I guess I will watch this one at a cinema. Looking forward to it :D Here’s an idea: the first thing I will do when I get me a proper TV at home, I will do a superhero-marvel-timeline movie marathon. This could be soooo awesome.

    Bayonetta sounds fun :D I kind of knew Peter wouldn’t like the game, as he disliked DMC and MG:Revengence. I would really like to play it alongside the first one….ow fuck. This reminds me I haven’t played the first part. There are so many games I still need to play on the previous generation. I think I’m a bit depressed now…

    Minecraft? No. Definitely no. Hmmm, is Minecraft a game a wife could like to play? Can someone interested in Sims get to like Minecraft?

    I so liked Transformers. The original, comics alike Transformers. Not the shitty holywood ones and definitely not the annoying birds ones. Why can’t there be another proper Transformers games like the WfC and FoC games – brilliant.

    The question about Driveclub issue is because I red that this could be something planned, because the game was not finished on day one. So the whole server issues were planned, so that people buy the full game anyway, instead of making another move for the release date etc. Ridiculous, but many people believed such ‘crime scheme’.

    The PSN network infrastructure (thanks for correcting me Kev, I meant the infrastructure of whole network) looks like it’s 100 year behind Xbox Live or Steam, where everything works fine and handles a lot more of data traffic etc. Since now we are paying for online multiplayer on the PS4, shouldn’t SONY focus on fixing that to be more reliable? It’s great to hear they sell so many PS4 and this many new PS+ users join the PlayStation family (ow god I really said it), but clearly the network cannot handle it.

    Kris, I was complaining because you said you would save my “Hello” from Thursday and keep it for the Friday recording, not my questions :P

  3. Pete talking about Bayonetta sounds like an Old Spice advert.

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