Slender: The Arrival Listed For PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

Slender: The Arrival has been rated for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by the PEGI European game rating board.

The game was released on legacy consoles last month having previously spooked PC owners last year. Majesco Entertainment’s new label Midnight City have yet to confirm the release.

PEGI have also rated NinjaBee’s Nutjitsu for PlayStation 4, the game is already out on Xbox One. You play as a squirrel and traverse hand-painted levels as you retrieve the stolen artifacts from the villainous samurai foxes.

Source: PEGI via Gemetsu


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  1. Looks interesting, having played P.T & outlast (both genius) horror games are more scary than watching films, I find that the whole interaction in the game has a more scary feeling than watching a film

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