40 Minutes Of The Tomorrow Children Gameplay Released, Has Jetpacks & Buses


Q Games has released 40 minutes of The Tomorrow Children gameplay, after the studio streamed the game in conjunction with charity Extra Life. The footage shows quite a variety of the game as well as explaining some more details about the world. For example the void between towns is dangerous as it acts like quicksand, so if you stay on it for too long you will get dragged down. One way to navigate this is by using a jetpack, which is demonstrated in the video above.


Travelling to this area will be required if you want some resources, especially if your town takes down a monster that is walking across it. You don’t have to fly across though as you can also use buses to travel and collect items with. The cave system of a town was also explored where players could also gather resources to help the local economy grow. I personally really like the graphical style of the game, inspired by Soviet stop motion design.

Source: Youtube



  1. Damn you workplace-internet-video ban, i will have to check this out later.

  2. There is some staggeringly pretty tech going on with rendering. I’m not even sure I’ll be interested in this title – will need to see more of it – but it’s so very different looking. An absolute treat.

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