Exclusive Content Detailed For Those Upgrading To GTA V On PS4, Xbox One & PC

Rockstar has released details on what kind of exclusive content will be available to players that are moving from the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of GTA V, to the PS4, Xbox One, or PC editions that will be releasing soon. However the list that has been published doesn’t detail all the things coming to the more powerful machines as Rockstar wants to keep those items a surprise. The following is what you’ll get if you’re upgrading.

  • New Events & Rewards – New world events will be put in to discover, as well as challenges. The rewards for completing these include  Imponte Duke O’Death, and the Dodo Seaplane which makes a return to the series.
  • Murder Mystery Mission – This is a Michael exclusive mission where you must uncover the truth behind a murder. Doing so gains the rewards of two noir filters to use in Snapmatic or in the story mode.
  • Weapons – You’ll be able to cause chaos using a rail gun, and a hatchet now.
  • Wildlife Photography Challenge – A Franklin exclusive challenge where you have to capture the Los Santos wildlife on camera. The rewards is the Kraken Sub.
  • Stock Car Races – A series of races that if you win grant stock cars with exclusive liveries.
  • Monkey Mosaics – A number of monkey inspired graffiti is around Los Santos. Photograph them all to gain new monkey costumes, and the Go Go Monkey Blista.
  • New Vehicles – You’ll get a Cherval Marshall monster truck and a Xero blimp.

Source: Rockstar



  1. The biggest thing that prevents me from getting this is the price. I’ve bought GTA V (PS3) already and I’d really like them to look after me (as a consumer). With that in mind, an upgrade price seems fair. Especially as I’m likely to pay for PSN Wallet credits for GTA itself in the future.

    • An lower price for upgrades would have been nice. Also a good way to give something back to loyal fans.
      But I bet they thought that most of the ‘wouldbe upgraders’ would buy at full price.

  2. Anyone know if there is a time-limit on upgrading, as I will probably get GTA5 but not at launch.

    • Worth digging into what’s available online and what’s available in single-player campaign. I’m done with single player so most of that is utterly irrelevant to me. :-(

    • Good question. I’d also be keen on a digital upgrade path thing, forum bullies think it’s unlikely but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. No online for you Mike? Sure you can’t be tempted by sandbox hit and run tomfoolery?

  3. I don’t understand this, please someone explain when they say upgrade to they mean digital copies or physical copy Or do they mean like if you played it on PS3 but planning to get it on ps4 is that classed as upgrade?

    • From the link it seems pretty clear in the language used that this is for existing PS3/360 GTA V players purchasing the new version of GTA V (digital or physical) on PS4/XBone. I’d assume that this will come through via the Social Club.

      I can’t see any reason that they’d offer an upgrade… they know everyone on PS4/Xbone will just re-buy it anyway.

    • Thats what I was thinking. I’m guessing it will be tied to your PSN or social account.

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