Some PS4 Owners Are Reporting Problems With The 2.0 Patch

Rather predictably the 2.0 patch for PlayStation 4 seems to have caused one or two problems, specifically the console will not turn on after closing down in to rest mode.

“I can’t turn my PS4 on after putting it in rest mode. Booooo,” posted taoofjord on NeoGaf. “I hit the PS button on the controller, controller turned on, not the system. Power button on the system is not responding. I get a beep when I try to eject the disc but no eject. Light on the top of PS4 is doing the blinky yellow thing,” added laughingmood.

PlayStation community manager Chris Owen has suggested rebuilding the PS4 database which seems to have worked for some people.

To add to the problems some PS4 owners say they cannot connect to the PSN after the patch. “Since the update, I cant connect to PSN. Also, music player does not work,” said one user on the PlayStation blog. “Updated an hour ago – still can’t sign into playstation network!! No game play for me :( very disappointing,” complained another.

TSA Staff member Adam has confirmed the error, “My PSN’s fudged, doesn’t automatically connect on booting,” he said.

The problem may in part be caused by the oh-so-predictable fact that the PSN has thrown a wonk. “Certain aspects of PSN are experiencing heavy traffic and errors, engineers looking into this,” tweeted Chris Owen.

There are also a small number of reports that the YouTube sign-in is “borked.”

It should be noted that the vast majority of PS4 owners seem to be updating to 2.0 without any problems.

Source: EU Blog / NeoGaf



  1. Yeah, no problems for me. Music and youtube sign in fine.
    In Ireland if that makes a difference.

  2. I read some suggestions that if you power down the PS4 fully immediately after the install (not standby) and then start it up again you should avoid the not turning on issue.

    • I have a little issue over here… For the last six hours my ps4 has been showing me a black screen after the playstation logo. I have shut the system down manually 3hrs ago turned it on in safe mode , checked for updates , it found version 2.0 then froze.
      This all happened after I downloaded the update.

      Any suggestions ? I’m looking at a frozen safe mode screen

  3. Called it! :D

    Do I get a badge or anything?

  4. the only problem i had was that sony never seemed to have mentioned that you need to put music on the usb drive into a folder called music, and if you didn’t it wouldn’t play, apparently the PS4 can’t play music that isn’t in a folder called music, though it can find it in sub folders inside sub folders, so long as it’s in music.
    of course a quick google to find out why it wasn’t working soon sorted that out.

    that might be the issue the person on the blog had with the music player.

    • Can you do the “press triangle to browse folders” like you could on PS3? If not (and even then, to be honest) that’s pretty poor!

      • unfortunately no, if the music isn’t in the “music” folder, the USB icon doesn’t even show up.

  5. The update worked fine for me although i get a ‘cannot connect to server’ message when i try to log into youtube.
    This is a shame cos i was hoping to post a 10min vid of me being absolutely useless at Driveclub. Just like everyone else has.

  6. Pretty much rock solid for me, issues with being disconnected on the youtube app as well as waiting a little longer for things to start…I also hate the new way of voice commanding to rest the PS4…i want the old Power, Enter Standby Mode back.

  7. Are the power problems that some have been experiencing likely tied to the new voice commands in any way? Like some setting that needed to be checked/unchecked or something?

    Or is that just a silly suggestion & this is actually the first firmware update that has actually borked some consoles? :0

  8. What’s the problem with the YouTube app? I signed in with my email/password, then put in the extra code (because obviously everyone’s using that extra authentication step, right?), and it threw up an error. But then it appears to have logged in successfully.

    Just don’t, whatever you do, put it into standby mode. Unless you really want to rummage around in your darkest corners to find where it’s plugged in and turn it off. So much dust and cobwebs down there. And spiders as big as cats. Probably. I didn’t really want to find out.

  9. Hmmm…. Well I can’t try mine ’til I get home (probably very) late so I’ll wait to hear if there’s many other bad reports before I install the system, unless its done it automatically, or does it just download automatically and not install it?

    Meanwhile, anyone know a decent place to get a 30+gb USB Stick from?
    Just checked all mine and they range from 1-4gb.

    • Maplin were doing 16gb for less than a tenner the other day.

      • Just found a 32gb stick on the Argos site for £12.99.
        I’ll get one on my way home later if they have one in stock.

      • Hi-De-Hi campers!

    • I was gonna say, got my 32GB microsd card for less than 15 quid. Just plugged phone in to the ps4 (make sure its in mass storage mode), and thankfully, android puts music in a folder called music! It worked straight away, and its charging my phone.

      • Thanks for that mate, thats handy to know. Got a shed load of tunes on my phone memory card too.

      • now that’s a good idea, i’ve got quite a bit of music on my phone.

    • Plenty of 32GB drives at for less than a tenner, 64GB for £12.99.
      There are also USB3 32GB for around £12.

  10. In the options menu there is an option now called “Set Functions Available in Rest Mode” which has a check box for “Stay connected to the internet”. If this isn’t checked then I guess that it might be causing the standby connection issues.

    Maybe it’s the placebo effect but the menus and friends lists appear to be a little snappier to load at boot up.

    I have a problem with the update, I can’t find the DLNA options [hilarious joke],

    • I also have a problem with the update. No PS4.

      Useless Sony!

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