Some PS4 Owners Are Reporting Problems With The 2.0 Patch

Rather predictably the 2.0 patch for PlayStation 4 seems to have caused one or two problems, specifically the console will not turn on after closing down in to rest mode.

“I can’t turn my PS4 on after putting it in rest mode. Booooo,” posted taoofjord on NeoGaf. “I hit the PS button on the controller, controller turned on, not the system. Power button on the system is not responding. I get a beep when I try to eject the disc but no eject. Light on the top of PS4 is doing the blinky yellow thing,” added laughingmood.

PlayStation community manager Chris Owen has suggested rebuilding the PS4 database which seems to have worked for some people.

To add to the problems some PS4 owners say they cannot connect to the PSN after the patch. “Since the update, I cant connect to PSN. Also, music player does not work,” said one user on the PlayStation blog. “Updated an hour ago – still can’t sign into playstation network!! No game play for me :( very disappointing,” complained another.

TSA Staff member Adam has confirmed the error, “My PSN’s fudged, doesn’t automatically connect on booting,” he said.

The problem may in part be caused by the oh-so-predictable fact that the PSN has thrown a wonk. “Certain aspects of PSN are experiencing heavy traffic and errors, engineers looking into this,” tweeted Chris Owen.

There are also a small number of reports that the YouTube sign-in is “borked.”

It should be noted that the vast majority of PS4 owners seem to be updating to 2.0 without any problems.

Source: EU Blog / NeoGaf



  1. Nathan if you can’t turn it off with power button unplug. Hold power button until you hear second beep to enter safe mode, choose update, via internet, reinstall update.

  2. Absolutely love my PS4 but really considering an XB1

    • Hey no fanboy here just a straight up gamer! I have my PS4 that I love, but I also have an Xbox one, and I still have my PS3 and 360 And yes I use them all. There are games I really like on both consoles.Why can’t we all forget about what console we use, and concentrate on the common ground we all share “being gamers” Each console has it positives and negatives. If you want to buy an Xbox One I say go for it deegrand323 you might see what I mean. I enjoy both consoles I’m a disabled Gulf War Vet, and I do not get out much except to the Doctors, so these consoles are my entertainment and my link to like minded people, and the outside world. Life is to short to worry about trivial things like I can’t like you because you like Xbox, and I like Playstation. Get them both my friend and enjoy gaming but most of all have fun !!

  3. Unfortunately I may be having issues.. Update was fine, signed into YouTube okay, put the PS4 in `Rest Mode` a couple of times. Turned on and then at the Epilepsy warning screen the machine clicked very loudly and then shut down completely. No response from the controller and power button on PS4 just made a beep.

    After a couple of attempts it booted and checked it’s files, YouTube now won’t stay signed in. and I have powered it down completely a little concerned over what to do next.

    I was absolutely thrilled with the new features, web browser seems faster too now, youtube app was good but I’m a little concerned over the booting problem now.

    • Have you tried the hard reboot? shut your console off unplug your power cord and wait about 30 seconds plug your power cord back in and start your console. I was not able to get on at all to PSN and got stuck in Standby mode or rest mode as they are calling it now. it helped me and it seems PSN has made some fixes on their end I am back up and running now with no issues this did help a few people but no guaranty. not sure if the noise you heard was your Blueray drive but mine has started making noises sometimes when starting up my console

      • Thanks Lunarautumn, have hard rebooted and seems okay again for the moment. The clicking was definitely the drive, it’s always clicked during boot but never that loud. Fingers crossed for a swift update fix.

        Share play as awesome as it may either be broken or badly restricted. Tried a few games last night and only got Spelunky and Trials fusion working but they did work very well , Apparently most games seem to be content restricted so no local Madden multi player, No Lego Marvel..

        Think we could do with a separate post that lists what is and isn’t working TSA staff? Could be very useful.

  4. Looks like you need to turn the ps4 off completely after the download. Then next time you boot up you can use possessive mode safely

    • Yeah it helped, Had a blast on Trials with you last night buddy. Probably didn’t help downloading Elite Dangerous Beta 3 in the background.. Not that I’m making excuses for you beating me of course. Haha

  5. i updated about 15 mins ago. everything went smooth, but as soon as i started a game. the logo of the game loaded still with the home background music. then wouldn’t do anything. so i tried turning it off from my controller, screen went black, light on ps4 is now flashing white and my controller is still on. what should i do?

    • well, after sitting and thinking what to do for a few minutes, i held my ps4 power button on the console for about 15 seconds. it then shut off and controller shut off as well, waited about 1 minute. then turned it on from the console. everything booted up okay, and I’m now in game!

  6. I can confirm the PS4 not coming out of standby issue. How hard is it to test these things really? Now I’m scared to put it to rest at all.

  7. Hay i know i might be a bit late to say it but i had problems with update and the ps4 putting itself into safe mode and wouldn’t turn on so i unplugged ps4 for 5 mins then turned back on and reconnected the controller and had to rebuild software

  8. After the patch came out yesterday I initially had problems with connecting to psn. My plus saved game data auto upload has stopped working and still will not. The next problem is when I tried putting my ps4 into sleep mode. It initially begins the process but will not complete. The system will continue to run (making noise with the yellow light flashing). The only way to shut it off is by pulling the plug. Tried to power down with power button on console. Basically it will be unresponsive to everything except my hand pulling the damn plug.
    I followed the advice in the main article “rebuild ps4 data base”. (start your ps4 in safe mode, then click on rebuild database in the safe mode. takes about 5min). I don’t know as of yet if this has helped or not. Im avoiding using sleep mode until sony speaks up and tells us what to do.
    So in other words, sleep mode = problems.
    HURRY up sony. Some answers would be nice.
    There should be some compensation through psn network for these issues (ie free psn money).

  9. Whats up with the youtube app on the ps4 want let me sign in but it work but i would love to b able to sign in my account please fix asap!!

  10. I’ve had the error also linking YouTube with SEN so I tried this and it worked.

    Login to Google/YouTube and revoke to anything linked to it (just trying) like PS Vita I think was the issue and app. YouTube is now linked to PS4 and asks to signout in settings, PSN, Linked to other services, YouTube.

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