Some PS4 Owners Are Reporting Problems With The 2.0 Patch

Rather predictably the 2.0 patch for PlayStation 4 seems to have caused one or two problems, specifically the console will not turn on after closing down in to rest mode.

“I can’t turn my PS4 on after putting it in rest mode. Booooo,” posted taoofjord on NeoGaf. “I hit the PS button on the controller, controller turned on, not the system. Power button on the system is not responding. I get a beep when I try to eject the disc but no eject. Light on the top of PS4 is doing the blinky yellow thing,” added laughingmood.

PlayStation community manager Chris Owen has suggested rebuilding the PS4 database which seems to have worked for some people.

To add to the problems some PS4 owners say they cannot connect to the PSN after the patch. “Since the update, I cant connect to PSN. Also, music player does not work,” said one user on the PlayStation blog. “Updated an hour ago – still can’t sign into playstation network!! No game play for me :( very disappointing,” complained another.

TSA Staff member Adam has confirmed the error, “My PSN’s fudged, doesn’t automatically connect on booting,” he said.

The problem may in part be caused by the oh-so-predictable fact that the PSN has thrown a wonk. “Certain aspects of PSN are experiencing heavy traffic and errors, engineers looking into this,” tweeted Chris Owen.

There are also a small number of reports that the YouTube sign-in is “borked.”

It should be noted that the vast majority of PS4 owners seem to be updating to 2.0 without any problems.

Source: EU Blog / NeoGaf



  1. Any of you guys still not managed to start up your PS4?
    My mates is completely bricked since the update. Tried all the normal tricks… it will start in safe mode, tried all the options it gives you in safe mode too (rebuilding database/reinstalling system etc) and it still won’t make it past the PS logo screen. Gets that far then dies every time.

    I’m avoiding using the Rest Mode now as mine was working after the initial first scare but then went into the orange flashy mode again last night. I thought the problem was done and dusted.

  2. “It should be noted that the vast majority of users update with no problems”

    Well, I have every one of those problems.

  3. I recently bought my PS4. i made a new account to the point where it sais you have to verify your email. nothing to worry about, i got the mail but the problem starts here. when i try to click on the ‘confrim now’ button it brings me to an about:blank page that just doesn’t seem to load. also if i try to log in to it just fails to load and tells me the page doesn’t load.
    Am i the only one to experience this? because i haven’t seen this problem in any trouble shoot or just any problem with the PS4.

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