The PSN Is Down. Again.

Hello readers, guess what. No, go on, guess, I bet you can’t. I’ll give you three tries before I tell you the answer. Oh you guessed.

Yes the PSN, which was wobbly this afternoon, has now thrown a full wonk and gone completely offline, just in time for everyone getting home and updating to firmware 2.0.offline

As ever, Sony are working hard on the blah blah blah, oh god do I really need to type all this again? We should make a template for PSN down pages to save time as it happens so regularly.  You know the drill, it’s broken, everyone will complain and say Sony are crap and it will be fixed at some point, probably late tonight just when you want to go to bed.

In the meantime I suggest you go do something else. E4 is about to start an hour long session of The Big Bang Theory, that’s my choice for the evening or if you have Sky the premiere of The Flash is about to start. You could tune in to Channel 5 and discover Why Planes Crash (I’m guessing having no wings may be one possible answer) or Watch has episode five of The Dog Hotel. Woof, and indeed, woof.

UPDATE: No news from Sony but my PSN seems to be working, at least bits of it are. Others are reporting things slowly getting back to normal.

UPDATE 2: Sony have deleted the status message so I presume everything is working again.

Source: Sony



  1. Oi you bastard it was my idea for a template article in the comments last time psn went down! Thief. In other news, this isn’t news any more is it?

  2. I was going to joke about this time of the week again but it feels too much of an easy target,like kicking a downed man.

  3. “In the meantime I suggest you go do something else.”

    Does considering getting an Xbone count? With Sunset Overdrive being out and all…

  4. “In the meantime I suggest you go do something else.”

    Does considering getting and Xbone count? With Sunset Overdrive being out and all…

    • Sorry for the double post. Oh now it’s triple.

      • Stop tryin to bump your level up, cheat :)

      • Already bought an xbone this week after the letdown of driveclub and to be honest I am seriously considering ditching my PS4 right now. Things may not be quite as pretty supposedly but horizon 2 looks awesome and handles awesome and appears to work! I’m going to give it a few days but at this rate I will be back down to one next gen console in the house by the weekend!

      • @JR.: You got me. Now I’ll post an apology comment ;)

        @evildurka: I don’t think I can ditch my PS4 completely as PS always had exclusives that I’m more interested in (not to mention the JRPGs) and I’m so used to the PS environment, I’d be a fish out of water if I switched completely. That said, the Sunset Overdrive bundle is very tempting, but I just don’t have any other reasons to justify that purchase as most streaming services aren’t available in my country and no other exclusive peaks my interest. But still, so tempted :) Did you get kinect too?

  5. Any recommendations for what to watch on TV here in Sweden, tuffcub?

    • Swedish girls!

    • Kanal 5 has Big Bang Theory, or at midnight it’s Amateur Brunettes on Penthouse 1.

      • Evening (and night) saved. Forgot about Big Bang….

      • You won’t get this level of service on VG247, I can tell you that :D

      • Or PSN….

  6. Was going to play destiny.
    Guess I’ll just watch last night’s walking dead on Netflix. Oh wait
    Maybe a movie on amazon? Oh wait..
    See if driveclub is fixed? Oh wait..
    Try out the new youtube app? Oh..

    F**k you Sony

    • One of the few saving graces in this sort of situation is the fact that netflix isn’t locked behind the PSN paywall, so you can access it without being signed in. I was watching Netflix last night when I got kicked out of Battlefield without any problem.

  7. Ha, saw that one coming. No wonder I am on PS3 since Saturday and will continue to do so.
    If you still have PS3 there’s your chance to clear up the backlog ;) or Watch T.V as Tuffcub mentioned. Footy is also on the telly and Halloween is near so why not watch horror films from Netflix/DVDs.

  8. I can sign-in, view my friends list and use the Live from Playstation App, but What’s New, the Youtube app and the live game tabs won’t load.
    If you have your PS4 switched on anyway, i found this interesting link on Reddit which might help pass some time..

  9. Ironically, its been working for me since this article went up. I couldn’t get on immediately after updating, but it seems fine now.

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