Football Manager Probably Won’t Release Again On Vita

Earlier this year Football Manager Classic 2014 released on Vita, continuing the trend of the series appearing on Sony handheld. Since 2006 the franchis has appeared on both  PSP and Vita, but another instalment is unlikely due to poor sales on Sony’s current portable console. This announcement was made by Sports Interactive head Miles Jacobson in an interview with Digital Spy, where he stated that another Vita entry was only to be considered if sales were good.

The poor sales could have been to a number of reasons like sales for the Vita being slow, as well as the fact that Football Manager Classic 2014 didn’t release until a few weeks before the end of the 2013/14 season. By then most fans would probably have already picked up the PC version of the game. That isn’t to say Sports Interactive haven’t been tinkering with ideas for another Vita entry. Miles said as much.


“We know what we want to do if we were to do another version, and we still might do. I’m not ruling it out entirely, but it’s not looking likely.”

Hopefully the future will allow an environment where Sports Interactive will release another Football Manager on Vita.

Source: Digital Spy



  1. If they don’t release the game near season start, then don’t bother. I picked up FM 2014 for Vita, but waited for it to be cheap, as I was not paying full price for a game with an outdated database.

    Also they need to rethink the UI, which wasn’t working very well on the Vita.

    • Agreed the UI was not very good & spoilt my enjoyment of the game. Maybe they should make it ps tv compatible as I’m sure that’d improve sales?

  2. It looks like ever decreasing circles for the Vita. I’ve got Freedom Wars to crack on with but I can see me using it increasingly for remote play, which at least as far as I’m concerned is likely to lose its importance when Playstation TV appears.

  3. Oh well, I honestly thought games like Killzone and Tearaway was the proper last efforts for Vita. All its going to get now is pervy Japanese games and Monster Hunter knock-offs. So pretty much, a PS4 accessory now.

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