Xbox Entertainment Studios Is Officially Shut Down

The Xbox One was launched with a promise of brand new TV shows based on Microsoft games as well as original comedy and drama. When Satya Nadella took over as  CEO  from Steve Ballmer he had rather different ideas and began to shut down Xbox Entertainment Studios.

That closure is now complete with studio head Nancy Tellum and the last few staff leaving the company on Wednesday. Nancy and partner, Jordan Levin, had been trying to save some of the projects and bring them to a new studio but it looks like this has failed and the rights are reverting to the content creators.


Halo, Gears of War, Fable and Age of Empires were all to be turned in to shows and officially, only Halo remains in production for the Showtime network.

No mention has been made of the Quantum Break show which was meant to tie in with the game.

Sony are about to launch their first PlayStation Original television show, Powers, and are in a much stronger position as they already own television and movie studios and do not have to rely on outside help.

Source: Variety



  1. It’s a shame especially folks who have lost their jobs in that position :( hopefully they will get something soon!
    If Powers have subtitles then I can watch. If not then sadly I will have to sit this one out!

    • Ah, Del. Don’t worry. I will shout out the dialogue into Siri (on my iPhone) and text you the speech. I’m sure that’ll be a great substitute! Hahaha.

      TSA community. Hard to explain sometimes. :-P

      • I hope Siri understands you she has trouble understanding Barry Kripke with the word weasturant xD

      • Just remember to ignore the translation when it says *Barring Sheep Noises* and put it down to background noise coming from Mike’s cellar. ;)

  2. Read: Halo Nightfall fully completed. I’m not sure how it works with Quantum break as isn’t the game supposed to affect the tv show? As in, they might need to shoot scenes once the game has released, OR they’ve shot two possible scenes for each section or similar.

  3. So is this Powers series going to be free for any PSN user / PS Plus subscribers or bought from the store?
    I’m a bit lost with the whole concept of Playstation users getting a TV series.

    • I can’t see any PSN user getting it for free. Bound to be PS Plus.

    • Free on PS+, everyone else has to pay.

  4. Its a shame jobs are lost but I think its good that Microsoft are focusing on games and not Television. Kinda would like to see the same with Playstation. IMO

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