Sony Have Sold 13.5 Million PlayStation 4s Since Launch

Sony’s latest financial results have shown that they have sold a total of 13.5 million Playstation 4s but have posted an overall loss as a company.

The video game side of the company has seen a significant improvements in profits but once again it’s another branch of Sony that is bringing the side down, this time it’s the mobile phone arm which posted a 176 billion yen ($1.59 billion) loss. This was because the Sony had found the “fair value” of its mobile business had decreased.


Software sales were up to 106 million units compared to 95 million last year, but the Vita took a hit and managed just  700,000 units, 100,000 less than last year.

Source: Gamasutra



  1. All the more reason to get the PSN up to scratch methinks! ;)

    • Agreed, some of the issues were forgivable when the PSN was free but not now you are strongly encouraged to pay for Plus.
      Hopefully they’ll get there in the end!

  2. How is it possible for a company to just keep bleeding money?

    • Keeping a company going has a lot to do with turn-over too & I should imagine their turn over is a pretty damn enormous figure. But still, it’s never really good to to have losses in the long run.

    • I’ve not bothered looking at their accounts but their cash flow would be interesting.
      The article stated that a lot of the loss was due to reducing the fair value of the mobile arm. This is purely an accounting transaction, what we tend to call “wooden dollars”. Essentially they’re devaluing something but it’s not actually resulting in any cash outflow.
      It’s one of the ways (along with transfer pricing) that companies (entirely legally) avoid tax.
      So the term “bleeding money” isn’t entirely accurate, they might be losing value, but that’s not the same as saying they’re losing cash.
      Sometimes companies can be in a good cash-flow position but still be “loss making” due to moving numbers (as opposed to cash) around.

  3. Well that explains why PSN is so bad lately. More servers please sony!!

  4. A $1.59 billion loss?! That’s staggering.

    If they want to get in on the phone industry, just add phone functionality to the Vita! May even revive interest in that as well

    • Well, they are already in the phone industry & have been for years – They make decent phones, but for whatever reason it seems people just aren’t interested in them.

      They also seem to be going down the route of making the Vita a remote play device for the PS4 only, which seems a strange decision to me. Don’t own one, but I know people loved it when AAA titles were coming out for it. Haven’t seen anything noteworthy reported on for some time if I am honest, but then again I don’t keep an eye on Vita news as I don’t have one.

  5. Initially, I was expecting a slightly higher number given they announced 10 mil back in summer but then I suppose people are pinching the purse strings waiting for the holiday season right now. It will be interesting to see what their numbers are like post Christmas. I do agree with others here though it really is time they got PSN up to scratch. Many are paying for it now and any people who come from the 360 will be used to paying for online to do anything anyway so I don’t see people not being willing to sign up. It’s a shame Sony are still posting losses, I get rather annoyed at fanboys toting Microsofts billions in revenue as some sort of patch on Sony when the two companies are in completely different situations, but I do think Sony should once again evaluate its markets ankle perhaps get rid of its mobile phone decision. They’re decent phones sure but if they’re not making the profit there’s no point in having them.

  6. Just get rid of the phones section altogether, it’s a huge drain on the finances and doesn’t look like it will change anytime. Crazy they can sell so many PS4’s & still be behind Microsoft & Nintendo financially.

    • Agreed. I can’t see the mobile department turning financially around any time soon. If Kaz has a plan for it, that’s fine, but if he’s got his fingers crossed and hoping things come good, it might be time to say “sod it, mobiles are no more from Sony”.

    • You’re right, thats unless they can do something about it like making less models.

      I’m all done with iPhones so I was thinking about getting a Sony phone just down to owning a PS4 really. I logged onto their site the other day and didn’t realise they had so many, no wonder it draining their finances. I was bewildered to know what one to get so decided to put it off for a while due to too many options.

      I don’t understand why they don’t just do about 3 models – Low, medium and high end. Surely it would then cut productions costs and advertising and cater for mostly everyone.

    • Well, not long ago, maybe earlier this year, i’m sure they stated that mobile devices was a core part of their business going forward.

      And the phones they make are better than most, well built and very well optimised android software. No other high end phone/tablets are as waterproof as the z2 models, and they have more RAM, etc.

      I got the original M for £170 sim free and its great, no slowdown (1 year old) 2 android upgrades in that time aswell.

  7. The prices put me of Sony Phones

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