Evolve Alpha On PS4 Now Working, Will Run Until Tuesday

It appears that whatever issues were causing the Evolve Alpha to not run on the PS4, thanks to firmware 2.0, have been resolved. 2K are sending out emails to those registered for the game’s alpha on the console confirming it is now live, and furthermore has been extended until Tuesday. If you’ve already downloaded the client then all you’ll need to install is the patch that has been released. Obviously if you haven’t downloaded the client then you’ll receive both once you do.

We’re happy to announce that Evolve Big Alpha is now available to play on PlayStation 4. We appreciate your patience while we worked to overcome difficulties caused by the recent PS4 firmware upgrade. Now it’s time to hunt! As a Goliath-sized ‘thank you’ for being so patient, we’re extending Evolve Big Alpha until Tuesday, November 4th at 12PM Pacific Time (That’s 8PM UTC/GMT on Tuesday, November 4th).

As it is an alpha expect to run into bugs, and there still may be the case that not everything has been resolved. 2K will continue to provide updates if more trouble arrives.

Source: GameInformer


  1. So that gives me tonight to play it? Hm, not sure it’s worth the download just for one evening. Shame because I was looking forward to giving it a try, they should have extended it until Friday imo to give us working folk opportunity.

    • I’m gonna try it this evening anyway but i’d have prefered a bit longer too. I’m not interested in COD so at least it gives me something new for a little while.

  2. Somebody on the net said it was due to shareplay, and that Turtle Rock didn’t want it activated for the evolve alpha. I’m not sure that would take 3-4 days to fix though…

  3. Played the alpha on xbone, I cancelled my pre order

  4. We tried to play on the PC version (over the weekend) but it wouldn’t let us choose which one of us was the monster – out of the five friends gathered on Skype to play it.

    We all quit. Meh. :-(

  5. I played this as much as possible throughout the Alpha on PC. I managed to unlock the second monster, the Kraken. I had a blast with it.

    They prevented people picking the monster in the alpha to prevent cheating while in a party. I played alone quite a lot and got the monster a lot. Good times.

    The game is excellent, I will be preordering it. Evolve is a clever term as it is very much an evolution of their formula in L4D2. The first monster, the goliath, is part tank, part charger, part Hunter and part boomer. The second monster however is a very different bag of tricks and I found it great fun stalking and harassing the hunters. The beauty of the game is how quickly the tables turn where hunted becomes Hunter.

    Once you evolve to level 3 as the monster you feel truly empowered. The Hunter definitely need to up their game in order to stop you marauding around like some sort of B Movie leviathan. Great stuff.

    I might try the ps4 version tonight just to see how it compares to my rig.

    Buy buy buy, bye bye!

    • We weren’t interested in ranked matches or cheating. We were five friends who wanted to play. I’m sure this’ll be sorted in the retail version but such a disappointment yesterday. Oh, well.

      Top news about you enjoying it so much and that it’s shaping up to be straight from the ol’ top drawer of video-game entertainment. :-)

  6. Ps4 versions still fkd,crashes on matchmaking.Apparently people got in earlier today though.

    • Yeah I was watching a live broadcast earlier on the ps4 and it took an age for the player to get into a game, but sure its alpha stage so these things are to be expected.

  7. Not managed to get into a game yet! I hope the beta runs a bit more smoothly, the matchmaking screen is becoming quite tiresome!

  8. On the plus side they seem to have fixed whatever was wrong quickly, but i’m just back after being away for a few days so it’s too late for me now.

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