The Evolve Alpha On PS4 Seems To Have Problems

The delayed Evolve Alpha on PlayStation 4 seems to have hit another problem, namely that it doesn’t seem to be working for quite a few people, myself included.

The game boots up and lets you select your preferred character but then sits with a nice red rotating ring (of death) for a couple of minutes then crashes out with the error CE-34878-0

Twitter is awash with complaints from angry fans who cannot connect and 2K do seem to be aware that there are connection problems, but have yet to mention the game crashing. Some people have managed to get on to a game but there is a very long wait, “I should mention in 2 and half hours I was only able to play 3 full matches. Mostly due to a CE error again on PS4” tweeted one gamer.

For the record I have tried that, doesn’t work, still a spinning red ring and then a crash. Oh well, back to Destiny I guess.



  1. I had a couple of goes early pm without any trouble.

    Not a game that got me hooked straight away but was gonna give a few more tries this evening. Alas, i can’t seem to get on either.

  2. “…complaints from angry fans…”

    I’m going to have to cry foul here: yes it’s annoying when software doesn’t work, but it’s an alpha, right? Not a beta, not a retail release.

    People moan about lack of testing when something like DriveClub falls apart on release, but when a dev actually gets the community involved in testing people bitch about the quality.

    It’s an alpha! What do you expect?!

    • Well to actually play the game?

      • If you want to play the game wait for the release date. If you want to contribute to the dev’s QA process participate in the alpha.

        Look on it as being a software tester; you found a bug, be happy!

    • I was pretty suprised at the reaction on twitter when the alpha was first delayed. A minority (i tell myself, lest my belief that most people are nice be cruelly disproven) bleated on about it in the most spectacular fashion. I think some people have an unrealistic and unreasonable sense of entitlement.

      • I think there’s confusion between early access and alpha testing. My expectations for an alpha build are low to nonexistent.

        I think that this kind of testing is a good thing and gives devs an opportunity to find bugs that could go undetected without a public test phase. The big question is whether studios are going to be willing to use alpha testing if they receive this level of fury when issues are found.

      • I think there’s some confusion as to what an Alpha is. Because this isnt. I was playing Evolve in a bar in London in January this year, and it was very polished then.

        This is not an Alpha, not in anyway shape or form. It’s promotional demo with a bit of network stress testing on top.

      • That may well me the case Tuffcub but they have used the word Alpha quite prominently in the release so i think it is quite reasonable for players to view it as such.
        I also don’t believe that it warrants the outrage and insults that have been thrown at the devs by mardy numpties on the internet.

  3. what a load of bollocks
    how are we supposed to give an opinion if you cant play the damn thing.
    do 2k think we are stupid?
    i tried every which way but couldn’t get a game..
    here’s my view 2k..
    the slobbering monster at the start screen is lovely.
    but the rest of the game you can shove up your rear crevice..

    • So on the strength of a bug in the alpha build they can shove the entire game?

  4. A spinning red ring and a crash?

    Evolve brought back the Red Ring of Death?

  5. I tried it for the first time tonight, after waiting for 10 mins for a match I spotted the Twitter update about randomising your preferences. It took another 5 mins but I finally got a match in before leaving for work. It’s definitely having wobbles, but the above advice seemed to work for me.

    Game-wise, it’s pretty good fun! I was the Goliath and managed to finish off the hunters in a suitably climactic battle in the last few minutes. The cat and mouse play seems well balanced, although I never felt too threatened during the early evolutions as you can quite easily run away once your health gets low. I imagine once people become more familiar with the game the threat level will increase.

    I just hope people don’t give up on the game because of a few bugs, when this is an alpha test after all.

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