First Person Mode Revealed For Grand Theft Auto V On PS4 And Xbox One

Rockstar games have released a bunch of new screens and a trailer for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Grand Theft Auto V and they confirm the much rumoured first person mode.

Unfortunately for us, Rockstar seem to have given other sites exclusive access to the screens and videos so if you want to look at the first person trailer, go to IGN, or CVG have the screens.

As soon as the exclusivity deals are up and the screens and video are available we will post them, in the meantime here is a picture of the new TSA kitty ready to post some news. Which is not screens from GTA V. Because we don’t have any. Sorry.


UPDATE: A couple of screens have arrived via Kotaku so news Kitty is very happy.

Here is the trailer.



  1. It looks great. I really hope the FPS mode makes its way into Online as well. Don’t think they’ve mentioned if it will yet. Would be disappointed if it didn’t.

    • Surely , It won’t make me disappoint. When we play game on PS4 or Xbox one by an hdmi converter of , Everything has no problem.

      • Good lord.

      • You heard it here first folks, first-person mode confirmed for online if you use an Hdmi converter!

  2. That looks surprisingly fun. GTA showing yet another genre how it’s done!

  3. Not sure what to make of this, gta is 3rd person to me, always has been, well except for when it was top down. Either way you can always see your character. Hmm, undecided!

    • heres an idea. you can choose to play in third person then. typical gamer who thinks just because you don’t like something no one should be able to. developers can’t win as people cry and whine when they keep the game the same and even if they change it up. don’t like it? tough luck. its in the game so deal with it.

      • Simmer down.

      • Where did Tony say that no one should be able to? Chill out; he’s giving his own opinion, not restarting the Nazi Party.

      • Tony’s restarting the Nazi party? YEEESSH! I always knew he was a wrong’un.

      • I’ve been in the forums to see if Tony is allowing people to sign up but I’m still waiting. Lol
        There’s no Nazi Meets under the BF4 Meets yet either. Come on Tony, pull your finger out ;)

    • Thankfully it’s just a mode, fella. I think I prefer 3rd person most (if not all) of the time too. Shall see how I get on with it. :-)

    • I’m with you dude, it’s interesting but I think I prefer 3rd person. The game looks nice with the newly spanked up graphics though, very nice.

  4. I wasn’t really sure about picking this up again but I did love it on PS3 and a first person mode will no doubt completely change the game, I’ll probably get it on release.

  5. This looks wrong on so many levels, I’d much rather have a top-down camera. We don’t need every AAA game to be first-person.

    You’ll be missing out on all the nice animations with this.

    • I forgot they were forcing people to play in first person, not the fact that this is an option. If people want to miss out on nice animations for what they feel is a greater form of immersion, then let them do it. As long as GTA VI doesn’t become first person only, I’m all good.

      • Oh, I’m sorry I forgot to label my personal and opinionated comment with an all-caps “IMO”.

        If Rockstar thinks this’ll distract us long enough to forget about heists, they’ve got another thing coming. :-P

        They might as well rename it from first-person mode to strip-club mode… Geddit?

      • Apology accepted ;)

        Heists is getting a bit ridiculous now. You think if it was to come out at the same time as the next gen versions they’d have said so by now, but they’ve been heavily quiet.

  6. is it possible to have a hybrid option? fp on foot and 3rd person while driving?

    • According to the chat clip on IGN yes you will. You’ll also be able to play FPS in standard then in cover go third person. Also you’ll be able to change the controls to how you wish, say if you want run like CoD buttons.

  7. It looks really good, especially the driving and flying!

    • Also, seeing as Sony seem quite friendly with Rockstar these days, what are the chances we’ll see GTA V supporting Project Morpheus in the future now it has a 1st person mode? That would be incredible and Sony will need to show some serious support for it before people shell out a lot of money for the hardware.

      • I don’t think Rockstar would be happy about the graphical sacrifices. It would have to be a lower resolution and less detail.

  8. Not sure if I want to play it again but that FP looks amazing, might ask psn friends to game share it xD

  9. I’m also another person who just prefers the TPS standard mode but I’m buying it day 1. As I feel I lost love for GTA V from being too hyped up for Ps4 after playing it shortly after release of GTA. I just hope I can find time for this and FC4.

  10. R* will be hoping all the extras for this gen will silence some the people who want a discount for last gen owners.

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