First Person Mode Revealed For Grand Theft Auto V On PS4 And Xbox One

Rockstar games have released a bunch of new screens and a trailer for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Grand Theft Auto V and they confirm the much rumoured first person mode.

Unfortunately for us, Rockstar seem to have given other sites exclusive access to the screens and videos so if you want to look at the first person trailer, go to IGN, or CVG have the screens.

As soon as the exclusivity deals are up and the screens and video are available we will post them, in the meantime here is a picture of the new TSA kitty ready to post some news. Which is not screens from GTA V. Because we don’t have any. Sorry.


UPDATE: A couple of screens have arrived via Kotaku so news Kitty is very happy.

Here is the trailer.



  1. This just turned from something I’d pass on to something in the terms of: I want my very first PS4 bundle to be with GTA V and I want to play it in FPS.

    Skyrim…with guns people…with cars…and hookers…and Trevor.

  2. Oh my god.. First person looks awesome, So we have another choice to be able to play the game from a completely differently perspective. With GTA on-line and the user generated content this should be absolutely fantastic, Can’t wait.

  3. Wow, now this has cropped up on my radar. It looks amazing and the graphics superb too. Definite buy for me.

  4. Gives me an excuse to play through the single player campaign again when it’s released only this time in first person view. I ordered it the other week just for fooling around in multiplayer mode so it’s bonus really.

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