November’s PlayStation Plus Announced, Injustice: Gods Amongst Us In December On PS4

Sony have finally got round to announcing the next round of European PlayStation Plus content and it is pretty much what we expected. November’s games will include The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Steamworld Dig on PS4, Frozen Synapse Prime and Luftrausers on PS3 and The Hungry Horde and Escape Plan on PS Vita.


Perhaps the aware of their tardiness they have also announced some the content for December and January and the big news is that the PS4 will finally see a full price AAA title join the collection in the shape of Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition. Also in December on PS4 will be Secret Ponchos and in January inFAMOUS First Light and The Swapper will be added.

The PS+ edition of Driveclub remains undated and will be released as soon as Evolution sort out the problems.

Source: EU Blog



  1. Injustice on PS4? That’s good, really good.

    Sorry, this is a PS+ update post, I’m meant to be negative….erm….I have to wait until December…? Also, never got around to picking up First Light or The Swapper and I hear good things about both. Tasty.

    • Also, Escape Plan on PSVita means Cross-Buy with the PS4 version, does it not?

      • Apparently so yes.

        On the good old moaning side of things, the PS4 line-up is solid and yes, I’ve heard good things about The Swapper too, and I think that might be cross buy with Vita (not sure completely though).

        PS3 and Vita line up for this month is in all fairness tragic in comparison to the service line up a year ago. Not all of us bought PS+ for PS4, nor can we all afford a PS4, so it is an unexciting line up for some people.

      • yes it does

  2. Awesome update

  3. Infamous First light is a big win for the ps+ as is Injustice. Nice one Sony and thanks for announcing so soon, I’ve been eyeing up First Light for a while.

  4. Cue the moaning anyway.

    Great updates.

    • Ugh, Already got First Light!

      Other than that, not much to moan about though as far as I can see! ;)

  5. Yeah but we can still moan about November, the month we were all looking forward to finally getting something good and it doesn’t happen, replaced instead by games from 1994. A return to form for ps+ starting in December though, AAA 2 months on the bounce is good stuff.

  6. Nice to see some big games come to plus for a change! I’ve been tempted to buy both First Light and Injustice recently. Surprised they’re announcing games like First Light this far in advance though… That’s going to seriously hamper sales over the next couple of months.

    • Thats what I was thinking, they don’t normally announce this far ahead?

      I’m just slightly annoyed aswell with first light, with it only being out a few months when it comes to plus.

      • I think they are trying to address the many “where’s my AAA games guy?” type complaints since the PS4 launched.

        I for one am kind of happy about the advance warning as I have considered buying Injustice. I am similarly a little disappointed by First Light though, but I guess that’s just the curse of the early adopter.

      • I think the reason they have announced the December and January games are because the PS4 one year release anniversary is coming up at the end of November. Newbies who didnt have PS+ before or PS consones with it before are going to have brought a years worth with the console, so i can see a lot of PS+ subscriptions about to expire (or at the end of December for consoles that were Xmas presents)

        By announcing the next couple of months PS4 games they are enticing people who maybe are thinking about whether to get another years worth to get it, as good games are now coming!

  7. So now they’ve finally announced it, we’ve got 1 game I’ve already got, 2 that look really crap, 1 which is a 3 year old pc game you can probably pick up for 12p in some sale somewhere, and a couple of reasonably interesting games.

    Which might sound bad, being the worst month in a long time, but it’s still a massive bargain. Even when PS+ is being a bit rubbish, it’s more than worth the £40 a year.

    December and January are looking disappointing though. Injustice is very good, but I’ve got the PS3 version. Amazed at which infamous they’re giving away though. Would have expected Second Son, purely on the grounds I finally picked it up last week.

    I declare this PS+ update to be “acceptable”. Not the best, but I’m not going to whinge about it and claim to be not renewing.

  8. Happy about First Light: I’d pre-ordered it but i got an error a few days before release and didn’t bother to try again. Now it’s free* in January. Interested in trying The Swapper too.

    Does anyone know if Escape Plan is PSTV compatible?

    • I wouldn’t think so as it uses front and back touchscreen.

  9. I only have Escape plan out of the game announced so I’m wrote happy. I’m also happy that I didn’t buy first light when it had a price rip on Sunday, well not really to much as it was only due to lack of funds.

  10. Great news! Should be good fun.

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