PlayStation 4 FirmWare 2.01 Is Now Live, Has Rest Mode Fix

PlayStation 4 firmware 2.0, codename Masamune, had some lovely new features but also caused a few consoles to get stuck in “rest” mode and not respond to wake up attempts.

Sony have now released a new firmware patch, V2.01, and it is available to download now and should sort out the niggles from the previous update.

That said, the patch notes are the usual “System stability during use of some features has been improved,” so we’re assume the problem has been nullified. PlayStation tweeted earlier this morning that the problem would be fixed.

Source: Twitter



  1. I hate that they renamed it ‘rest mode’. Are we idiots?

    • It’s alright, 3.0 is waiting in the wings, along with a rebrand to “Sleepy Time”.

    • It might as well be called Still On Mode.

      • With the problems the 2.0 update caused, it should have been called “It’s not dead, it’s resting” mode. Like a certain Norwegian bird, famous for it’s plumage.

        The 2.01 update does seem to fix the issue though.

    • I agree it’s a dumb name, but I reckon they changed it so they can use ‘standby’ for the suspend/resume mode when it arrives.

      Eventually we may have a choice between standby (boot straight back into game), rest and off.

    • Better still, rename the ‘On’ feature ‘Defib’. Turning it off would then be like killing it, and putting it to rest would be putting it to sleep. You can’t get better logic than this.

      • I’m more inclined to think they changed the name because the power consumption was not low enough to meet EU regulations for standby mode.

      • You might have a point there. Kind of. It seems there is an EU rule about standby modes. They can only use 0.5W in off mode, or standby mode (which can only provide a “reactivation function”) and 1W in a standby mode with “information or status display”.

        So what the PS4 now calls “rest mode” can’t legally be called a standby mode. Even if it used 0.5W of power. Looks like it might not be anything to do with the power requirements, but the fact that it does other things as well (like sometimes updating if it feels like it).

        Actually, it’s possible the power requirements still apply. The rules seem to imply it must (at least by default) go into standby or off mode as soon as “appropriate”, or into another mode (rest mode not counting as standby mode), but that mode also needs to use 0.5W or less.

        I can’t see anything saying you’re not allowed to let the user decide to use as much power as they want and leave it on 24 hours a day doing nothing. Just that the default options (which everyone changes anyway) have to save power. And “rest mode” can’t be called standby mode.

        Possibly. It’s all a bit legal sounding. And I hate lawyers.

  2. You just know that any update ending in x.01 is only there to fix the things they broke in the x.00 update!

  3. Anyone noticed that the options for Rest Mode no longer include the option to download and install game updates? And maybe by coincidence, when pressing the Options button when a game is selected brings up a new option to ‘Check for Update’?
    Have Sony given up on the idea of ever having games update in the background whilst in Sleep, oops, Rest Mode?

    • It does update things in the background. Or at least, it used to before it was renamed “rest” mode. I don’t know what it does in “rest” mode, because it was completely broken until today.

      The problem seems to be that it only checks for updates when you put it to sleep or wake it up. Or when you start a game. If updates appear at any other time, it fails to notice they’re available until one of those 3 things happens.

      The PS4 lacks the option the PS3 has to check for updates at a specified time, which is an odd thing to miss out.

      • I think it must check for updates at certain times as last night i was playing Advanced Warfare and a update for Ghosts popped up and started downloading,also Monday night again whilst on AW an update for AW itself popped up and started downloading,i have had it in the past while playing during the day just ping up updates for various things.

      • That was Infinity Ward trying to tempt you back.

        “Don’t you love us anymore, Pixel?” they cried, “Our dogs look so much better than Sledgehammer’s! Come back to us!”

      • :D the first thing i thought was Ghosts! it hasn’t had an update in weeks!

      • You thought Ghosts were trying to update your console??

        Was it on Halloween by any chance? ;)

    • The options are there, but in a different section of the settings menu (unless you mean they’ve changed it in 2.01).

      They default to off in 2.0, even if you had it doing updates in standby before, though.

      • Can you tell me where those options are please?

      • If you want your PS4 to automatically download firmware updates and game updates, and upload save data to PSN, you need to (re-)enable it via Settings -> Power Saving Settings -> Set Functions Available In Rest Mode -> Stay Connected to the Internet.

        Whether it will do those things in rest mode is controlled by Settings -> System -> Automatic Downloads and Uploads -> Saved Data and Update Files (which was still on, for me, but wouldn’t happen because of the other new setting).

        (Sorry for being slow to reply, couldn’t check where it was while at work!)

  4. Is this the new suspend/resume feature.. ;)

  5. So much for having ‘less regular updates’ than PS3 :P

  6. I love firmware updates!

    Anyone else noticed how fast the PS4 comes out of `Rest Mode` now? (Surprised this wasn’t mentioned), it’s like lightning compared to older firmware before `Rest Mode` started throwing a wobbly.

    • I know that even while it was broke and starting it from off the friends list and whats new section appear a lot quicker.

      • I’ve noticed this about friend lists. Not so much about the what’s new.

        Messages definitely haven’t seen an update though! Still 10 minutes just to read someone left the conversation.

      • It just adds to the mystery “ooo i’ve got a message i wonder what it says” proceed to wait a minute or 2 to find out ;)

    • Right.. What I said about the turning on really fast from `Rest Mode` it was skipping the PlayStation logo, epilepsy warning and going straight to the press a button on controller within 2 seconds of pressing a button on the controller.

      This today now doesn’t seem to be the case any more. Shame really because you get the logo’s and warnings when you power it on so why bother from `Rest Mode`.. I have had a taste of a faster more streamlined PS4 experience and I want it back :)

  7. Any news on if it has fixed usage of applications such as netflix.

    • Come to think of it, the new Youtube App seems to have forgotten my sign-in details already and when i tried last night it wanted me to link my account again. Decided to just delete it until i know it’s working properly.

      • Netflix seems to be working now.

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