Update: Back Up And Running – Xbox Live Suffering Downtime On Xbox One

Update: After a few semi-regular updates to the page to make sure people knew the team were working hard on the issue, it seems that Xbox Live is back up and running as of a couple hours ago.

The original post follows.


So it turns out it’s not just the PlayStation Network that can flake out and stop people having awesome fun times online, as Xbox Live is having a bit of trouble on Xbox One, namely an inability to sign in. Signing in is apparently quite important.

According to the Xbox Live Service Status page, this is apparently only affecting the Xbox One, the latest update to which came at 9:40 AM CST (15:40 PM GMT) and reads:

We know some of you are unable to sign in to Xbox Live, and we’re on it! Thanks for your patience while we work to correct this issue. Another update is coming your way in 30 minutes.

Since it’s Call of Duty season, and there are bound to be a fair few people eager to hop online and shoot some things across Europe, fingers crossed Microsoft can get Live back up and running shortly.

We’ll update this post when things start to get back to normal.

Source: Xbox Live Support



  1. But where’s the snarky comments? :D

    • I think Blighty is dead (or busy screen-capping this article for future reference).

      • Blighty got banned last week, it must have been permanent. Not sure if it was a specific comment or just his general buffoonery.

      • Just can’t be bothered replying the either the Microsoft employee “patrolling” here, or the pissed off Xbox One owner that is desperately trying to make the hurt go away by living here.

        Too many great PS4 games to be getting on with.

      • Ha ha, you found time to make another account though! “member since Nov 2014” That underscore isn’t fooling anyone!

      • Blighty seems to have not noticed that anything he posts comes up as “This comment is hidden” and no one can read his comments. Bless.

  2. In fairness to MS they at least look like they’re going to keep people updated which is half the battle

    • To be fair to Sony, they do often say the same.

      They just don’t actually do it.

  3. When Xbox Live is down, no one bats an eye, but when it’s PSN, everyone loses their friggin’ minds

    • When PSN is down, a lot of people tend to use the word ‘again’.

    • Well, if it helps, I did have to do a double take at the headline, as I just couldn’t believe my eyes!

      Trouble with PSN is that it all happens far too often (more than Xbox live at least), so the last issue is often still fresh in people’s minds.

  4. Well, you don’t see this every day!

    Did hell freeze over too? ;)

  5. Can’t believe this happens half way through my initial setup, thought the damn thing was buggared and needed to go to the store and swap for another one

    • Ah bugger, that’s bloody unlucky! Is it working now?

  6. Seems to be ok now, got several friend sign in notifications within a few minutes of each other. Been on Lords of the Fallen this afternoon and didn’t notice any problems.

    • Lots of people are still reporting it’s down on the twitters, but things could be gradually getting back to normal for people.

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