Rockstar Release An Impressive PS3/PS4 GTA V Comparison Video

Rockstar have released a video that shows the graphical improvements made in the PlayStation 4 version of Grand Theft Auto V and they are impressive to say the least .


As well as new lighting, animals and plants, the vehicles now have reflections and the comparison between the PlayStation 3 and 4 versions is quite outstanding.

Grand Theft AutoV arrives on PS4 and Xbox One on November 18th, the PC version will launch on January 27th.

Source: YouTube



  1. And you get a free fat man on ps4 (48 second mark)

    • Cheers for that. I burst out laughing when I saw that and now the office all know I’m not doing my work!!

    • Thank God we have the power of the PS4 cuz the PS3 would never be able to render a fat man and his 8 bellies.

      • I find your comment both offensive and ignorant. We fat men only have 7 bellies.

  2. Blimey, so pleased I decided to pick this up again on PS4, not long now!

    • Have you gone for both GTA V and Far Cry then? I just can’t justify that right now but damn I really want to!!

      Maybe if I can blitz FC4 and sell it on, then buy GTA V. After that it’s Dying Light.

      • Yeah I did, but only cos I redeemed half my GAME loyalty shares and got £73 of Rewards Points for free!! Plus I opted to leave Call of Duty well alone this year, even though my wife offered to grab it for £30 (when she did £35 Sainsbury’s shopping)…so that was time and money saved. Nor will I be getting AC or LBP3, just getting bored of them all.

        I’ll do FC4 first as I’ve been really looking forward to it, it should be shorter, and I played a fair bit of GTA5 on PS3. I may just dip into the multiplayer side of GTA5 now and then, to get the multiplayer stuff done!

      • I’ll be getting FC4 but sadly I’ll have to wait til Xmas day :-( same for Dragon Age Inquisition… Really looking forward to that.
        Avoiding AC this year as I wasn’t struck on 1 or 2, never played 3, but adored the fourth… Unless it returns to the pirate setting I’m not interested!

        I won’t be picking up GTAV though… Milked the single player dry on PS3 and for some reason, I just can’t get excited about the prospect of doing it again. Coupled with the fact I had next to no love for GTAOnline, I just can’t be arsed with it… Regardless of how beautiful it looks on PS4

        Now, give me a PS4 version of Red Dead Redemption and I’d be all over it!

      • To be fair Christmas is less than 50 days away so you don’t have long to wait! ;)

        Yeah I wasn’t a huge fan of GTAOnline but I hope this time we’ll get the heists, and since the game has come at the beginning of the console’s life cycle, it should remain active for quite some time, so I’ll probably return to it every now and then.

        Fully agree about RDR, a follow-up would be most welcome!

    • I’m gonna get GTA at launch. Then farcry pre owned next month.
      My thought is farcry is going to drop in pre owned price quicker than gta will.

      That’s the theory anyway…

  3. It’s good to see the amount of effort they’ve put into these re-releases, they definitely have the manpower!
    I really hope they’re working on a sequel to Red Dead but I would happily take a remake of RDR on PS4 .

  4. Damn it. I told myself I wasn’t going to buy this again, but the first person & the other updates (such as graphical shininess shown above) are really tempting me to want to pick this up!

    Well I suppose if I do, I at least know it’s a stonker of a game. 

    • Same, wasn’t going to buy the PS4 version but I’m very impressed with all the improvements and extras, just pre-ordered.

  5. That is wonderful. When you consider how vast the world is (and how detailed) it’s incredible to see how much love everything has received for the new PS4 version. Outstanding.

    • Absolutely, it’s great to see the possibilities available to the PS4 with such marked differences in quality between gens….pretty remarkable!

  6. Great visual enhancements and i can’t wait to play it in first person.

  7. I’m really tempted, cos it looks gorgeous, but the then the thought of grinding through that bloody painful submarine mission and alien mission enters my head and puts me off.

  8. I’ve told myself I’m not getting this. I think I’ve been lieing.

  9. I hadn’t planned on getting this but damn it looks good. I might secretly get this after coming back from holiday to keep away the holiday blues. First world problems eh?
    I’ve got COD coming for Christmas and I really want AC Unity so may ask for that too.

    Something about Far Cry currently hasn’t captured my interest. Maybe that will change once I see some reviews on it.

  10. Goddammit, take my money now Rockstar! It’s so pretty plus FP view aswell

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