Elite: Dangerous Release Date Lands, Coming December 16th

The release date for Elite: Dangerous has been confirmed as December 16th, so if you were waiting to explore some of those 400 billion star systems that the game has to offer, and didn’t want to buy the beta, then you only have just over a month to wait. Frontier’s space based title will cost £35 on release, and once you’re in you can create your ship and forge your own path in the this universe. You’ll be able to trade, engage in battles, or just cruise around and look at the millions of planets that will populate this galaxy.


Elite: Dangerous is all about how you want to play the game, and forging your own story. You may want to rise above the rest and become a dominant force or just be content with trading goods from outpost to outpost. While the game is only yet out on PC it may come to consoles at a later date. There has been no formal announcement but Frontier has said it would be “stupid” to not consider support for the PS4 and Xbox One too.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. This could well be the last game I will ever need to play on my PS4, I could get lost in this for years.

    • I’m with you there. This would suck up so much of my time on PS4 that I may have to consider whether sleep is a necessity.

  2. whilst i’m really pleased about this it also means that my game save is going to be wiped again. Grrr, ah well back to the grind again, Coffee anyone?

    • Fortunately it was all just a beta, so nothing you did really happened. It was all just a wonderful, “First Encounters was HOW long ago?!”, dreamy dream.

      • Thankfully I knew it would happen but still, actually the Beta has been good, now I have a good idea what path I want to follow so won’t have to waste time and more importantly cash.

  3. Really been craving a decent space sim ever since playing Freelancer years ago. I hope both this and Star Citizen come to console!

  4. I remember the original all those years ago. I’d love to play this on PS4, or maybe I’ll wait for No Mans Sky.

  5. blimey thats soon!

  6. WOW!! Much sooner than I expected too!, but I have heard Beta testers are not testing the full product so far, only things that Frontier Developments need to have stress tested via servers so I am extremely excited by the release date and future plans.. can’t wait.

    I also really do hope that Elite does make it’s way to the PS4, I was concerned when I first saw the controls that I wouldn’t be able to play without keyboard input but have managed to map A DS4 controller to all relevant functions and able to play without keyboard input.

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