Flyhunter Origins Coming Later This Month To Vita, PC & Mac

Steel Wool Games has announced that platformer title Flyhunter Origins will release this month, and it will be coming to Vita, PC and Mac. The game has been given a price of £4.99 / €6.99 / $6.99. The story of the game follows a character called Zak who wants to be a fly hunter, but is instead a janitor on a ship whose crew are hunters. However after a mishap with a broom and rather large red button, Zak finds that he is the only one who can get back the flies after they crash to Earth.


Now Zak has to capture the lost cargo before the expeditions investors find out what happened. Flyhunter Origins looks like a simple enough title that may provide a little challenge. It looks like it is aimed primarily at kids, but for all I know it could be as difficult as Dark Souls. We won’t know that until it releases.

Source: PR


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  1. I managed to visit the developers and it is indeed a game designed for the kids…no mammoth hard trophy for platinum here…made by the guys from Pixar/Disney so the graphics should be good.

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