News Snatch: Mortal Kombat 10, Assassin’s Creed Unity And Skipping In Evolve

Greetings, time for another Snatch and there are quite a few videos this time, some of which are rather silly as it is Friday, starting with the Duck Hunt intro from Super Smash Bros.

The Atari E.T. game cartridges of lore are now available to purchase on eBay for a price in excess of $100, or over $600 for a whole box of them. People are actually paying for rubbish.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is not even breaking the top ten list of most played games on Steam and is currently hovering around fourteenth place, beaten by The Binding of Isaac and Warframe.

Assassin’s Creed Unity has a launch trailer, and it’s just above this text, how convenient!

Microsoft now own Mojang, what they are going to do them is unclear as they have already stated that Minecraft 2 probably won’t be happening.

Soundwave dances his way in to the annoyingly good Angry Birds Transformers.

Borderlands: The One With A Completely Uneeded Exclamation Mark! has been patched with the following tweaks:

  • Adds support for upcoming downloadable content.
  • Athena’s Kinetic Aspis shield will now display properly when charging.
  • Save data will now save correctly when two split-screen players choose the same character
  • Sound effects for the Boganella weapon will no longer overlap.
  • Fixed various issues that caused players to be unable to complete the “Let’s Build a Robot Army,” “Science and Violence,” “Home Sweet Home,” and “Lost Legion Invasion” missions.
  • Jack no longer stops moving in front of vending machine during the “Lost Legion Invasion” mission.
  • The “I Can Do This Alone” challenge will now properly update.
  • Players will no longer spawn in areas that prevent them from advancing the story.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lost Legion Fighter and Crew failed to spawn.

Hey parents, you know those age ratings on games that you completely ignore? Watch these videos:

More Mortal Kombat 10 ickyness, here is 32 minutes of spine snapping gameplay:

PlayStation 4 is the fastest-selling console of all time in Australia, right on cobber!

And Finally, a double bill of gaming sillyness, a game of jump rope in Evolve, and how to surf in Destiny.


  1. That Destiny video is strangely hilarious.

    I might just boot that game up again

  2. I was really unhappy with the news that assassin’s creed was being restricted to 900p on the ps4 however every new trailer I see is getting me more excited to play the game.

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