Project CARS Now Includes Kart Racing

Project CARS has become Project KARTS with the inclusion of the mini sized motorsport.  The game inlcude two types of Kart, the 125cc shifter karts perfect for short circuits and the more powerful 250cc Superkarts capable of speeds up to 160mph.

“As one of the most accessible motorsports on the planet participated in recreationally by millions each year, karting has been the starting point for many professional racing drivers such as Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, Juan Pablo Montoya, Danica Patrick, and Jeff Gordon,” say Slighty Mad Studios.

Source: Project CARS



  1. I noticed there were a few kart tracks included in the list of tracks when I looked at the P Cars website yesterday so thought it had already been announced.

    I enjoyed the matting in GT5 so they should be fun, especially at speeds up to 160mph!

    • *enjoyed the karting (beeping auto spelling!).

      • I dunno, those floor mats were pretty nice too! :)

  2. cool, this is looking good.

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