What We Played #180: Destiny, Advanced Warfare & The Master Chief Collection

Tuffcub’s been all over the shop this week, flitting between games on a number of different platforms. From Angry Birds Transformers on iOS and a “little bit” of Skyrim to Shadow Fall, it sounds like he’s been having a busy week. Even when on the move he’s been putting some time into his PlayStation, revisiting both Tiny Troopers and Minutes to break up the regular commute, two game he dubs as “mini marvels”.

Of course, it wouldn’t be “What We Played” without a bit of Destiny now, would it? Both Tuffcub and Aran haven been plugging away the hours as they tear through Bungie’s co-op focused endgame content. Teaming up with a ragtag band of TSA regulars, they took to the Vault of Glass once again in search of loot and glory. Tuffcub even snapped this rather poignant victory photo – great work Guardians!


Aran has also had a chance to try his hand at a spot of orc-hunting, courtesy of Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Much like myself and many who have try this gem, he found himself delving into the side content as soon as he was able, chasing down captains and watching as his actions impacted the world around him. He also reviewed Chariot earlier in the week, a lovely looking puzzle platformer.

Also trying to wean himself off Destiny is Tef who has spent much of the week playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. He’s been awfully busy reviewing the game and making videos about it – which he says it would be great it a few more people watched – but now has the chance to put his feet up for a bit and enjoy it in regular conditions, pumping plenty of time into its multiplayer section. One thing he wasn’t too keen on, however, was the game’s co-op survival mode though, overall, it does little to dampen the whole package. Matt also answered the call this week, praising Sledgehammer’s subtle yet fantastic changes to the series’ staling gaming.

If two big-name shooters weren’t enough, this week Peter took a trip down memory lane with the masterful Master Chief Collection, available on Xbox One next week.

It’s a great package of the four main line Halo games and all the multiplayer stuff from all of them. They’ve even included the Halo: CE multiplayer maps that weren’t in the console version or with the Anniversary Edition from a couple of years ago. Over 100 multiplayer maps and 45 campaign missions that you can attack in any order. It’s a very well put together library of Master Chief’s story so far and when it launches and the links with Halo: Nightfall and the rest of the Halo Channel are fully functional, it’ll be quite special for Halo fans.

Finally, eschewing recently-released shooters for something still off in the future, Blair gave the Evolve alpha a quick crack only to find that he couldn’t connect most of the time. With a cohort of TSA chums in tow, they decided to hop on DriveClub instead which Blair thinks is quite impressive though, like many, he would have preferred a new MotorStorm. On top of that he’s been playing this month’s marquee PlayStation Plus title, The Binding of Isaac, and you can check out his beginner’s guide that went up this morning.

Now it’s over to you. What games have you been playing this past week?



  1. I’m a year late to the Watch Dogs party and I’m totally hooked! Great game, especially the online invasions which I was always skeptical about until I played a few, now even being stopped from starting a story mission doesn’t bother me, they’re a great feature! I also played a bit of The Crew beta but I’m not a fan of the handling at all, so I deleted it.

  2. this week i have mostly been playing Evolve…oh no wait! I couldn’t..
    tried the crew beta(nice not my bag)
    played all this months plus stuff(jeez what a crock)
    the star this week has to be call of duty aw..a campaign so far fetched ,but soooo much fun and at last a decent multiplayer.
    for some bizarre reason i have started playing fight night round 4 again?

  3. I was one of those fortunate to grab Duke Nukem 3D Megaton before it was taken down so i won’t go on too much about it but it’s great and i’m having a blast, not having played the game since it was on PS1.

    I tried DeadFall Adventures demo but couldn’t play it because the option to invert the camera control didn’t actually change anything. I guess my brain is just hard-wired.. to delete any FPS which doesn’t allow me to invert the camera.

    I’m savouring Unfinished Swan a little at a time, enjoying the refreshing visuals and relaxed pace.

    Also Binding of Isaac, i love the intro story and the little nightmare scenes between the basements but i thought i was done with the game after a half hour. Then a half hour later i wnated to play it again. I still don’t have a clue what most of the pickups do (even some of the ones i’ve already used) but i’m going to peruse the handy guide posted here for starters..


    Oh and this other new game, completely new, called.. erm.. mini… crack.. yes that’s it MiniCrack, not Minecraft at all actually.

    • Somehow omitted Driveclub, aside from chipping away at some stars, i had another go at the semi-pro trophy event and managed 4th, so nearly there on that one. At level 27 now but my club is suffering due to a lack of other active players.

  4. Blasted through the DriveClub career to get all 225 stars…it’d be rude not to :P
    Also clocked up level 18 Club level in doing so which seems to have unlocked all of the Club cars available for online play.
    Dreadful connection to the DriveClub servers though and I lost soooo many Club XP points due to the Red sentence of disconnection death appearing every other lap.

    Other than that Grid Autosport & GT6 PS3, Resogun and Wolfenstein TNO.

    Good times ;)

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