Community Chronicle: 09/11/14

The coming fortnight is easily one of the busiest periods of game releases that we’ve seen in a long, long time. There’s a flurry of Ubisoft games, a sprinkling of Master Chief and it’d be impossible to ignore the re-release of GTA V. What games are you looking forward to getting your grubby mitts on?


Speaking of Grand Theft Auto V, though it was announced quite a while back that it would be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the marketing campaign for it has been relatively subdued in comparison to its original release. That’s all changed, as they unwrapped a new comparison video and showcased a new first person mode which you can play through the entire game with.

It got some mixed reactions, with stick in the muds like Blair and Tony C saying things like, “Not sure what to make of this, GTA is 3rd person to me, always has been – well except for when it was top down. Either way you can always see your character,” or JustTaylorNow’s rather melodramatic proclamation that “GTA is not meant to be played in first person, to even put a first person mode is just unheard, it’s just a sin!”

Of course, it’s just an optional new mode, so on the other side of the coin, there are people who are quite excited to give it a go. Fattyuk said he “can’t wait for first person. I’m gonna go bike riding in the hills and look at all the pretty animals!” while LegendishThingy was also persuaded by the reveal, saying, “I wasn’t really sure about picking this up again, but I did love it on PS3 and a first person mode will no doubt completely change the game, I’ll probably get it on release.”

From one major release to another, and we discovered this week that the PlayStation 4’s latest new feature, Share Play, is far from universal. Players eager to try out Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare via Share Play were sadly blocked completely from being able to do so. Sony revealed that this was in the hands of the developers, rather than a mandatory and universal system.

It’s an interesting conundrum though, as Crazy_Del wrote, “My mate wanted me to get it but I said no and he tried to convince me that it feels like new different CoD especially on PS4 with a good engine, so we thought I could use share play and then decide. Sadly not getting it because it wouldn’t let me try it out to see whether I like it or not.”

Similarly, Gazzagb said, “I was planning on giving it a go to see if it was worth getting, guess I just won’t get it now. With the decline of demos in the past gen, I thought this would have been a great way for the Devs to get there game out there even more without having to put the time into creating a demo, but I guess not.”

However, Activision soon responded to say that this was simply because their developers didn’t have time with firmware 2.0 and Share Play for long enough prior to release in order to evaluate the system and actively support it. Bunimomike hopped in to say:

I’m so glad the article has an update to quash people’s cynical opinions. It was obvious that the new firmware update had been rolled out too late for the new CoD.

Activision is a huge company and they want to look after customers as well as they can whilst making money. If SharePlay does that (or doesn’t impact them but still looks after consumers) then they’ll enable it in a jiffy, I’m sure.

Share Play shenanigans hadn’t been the only thing to strike firmware 2.0 since its release, with the infamous Rest Mode bug. Thankfully, this has now been fixed with a point release to 2.01. 3shirts is just annoyed at feeling coddled by the new definition, though, saying “I hate that they renamed it ‘rest mode’. Are we idiots?”

However, when DJ Judas posited that this could be down to EU laws, MrYd dove into the technical details for a quite informative – albeit still speculative – look at the resoning behind the change:

It seems there is an EU rule about standby modes. They can only use 0.5W in off mode, or standby mode (which can only provide a “reactivation function”) and 1W in a standby mode with “information or status display”.

So what the PS4 now calls “rest mode” can’t legally be called a standby mode. Even if it used 0.5W of power. Looks like it might not be anything to do with the power requirements, but the fact that it does other things as well (like sometimes updating if it feels like it).

Actually, it’s possible the power requirements still apply. The rules seem to imply it must (at least by default) go into standby or off mode as soon as “appropriate”, or into another mode (rest mode not counting as standby mode), but that mode also needs to use 0.5W or less.

I can’t see anything saying you’re not allowed to let the user decide to use as much power as they want and leave it on 24 hours a day doing nothing. Just that the default options (which everyone changes anyway) have to save power. And “rest mode” can’t be called standby mode.

Possibly. It’s all a bit legal sounding. And I hate lawyers.


My, my, haven’t you all been busy this last week? There’s a lot of people completing games, earning platinums and doing so in record time, so let’s get cracking!

Hornet1990 finished of the story of inFamous: First Light, something I’ve still got on my To Do list, while the PS4 releases of Telltale’s games have continued to prove popular, as DividSmythe grabbed the platinum record for The Wolf Among US, and Lyts1985 took the platinum for The Walking Dead.

Lyts also finished the Call of Duty: Advance Warfare campaign on Veteran difficulty, a feat which I’m sure a rather large number of you managed but didn’t report, as well as completely and utterly finishing everything in Super Mario 3D World. Not just the story, but every level with every character, all starts all stamps and all gold flags. Let’s call that an honorary platinum, shall we?

The DriveClub tour has proved quite popular, as both Freezebug and R1MJAW have polished off all 225 stars to join the list of others just waiting for those servers to be fixed. R1M also joined forces with Forrest and Pixel_nme to finish Trine 2 in co-op.

KennyKazey managed to beat the last gym in Heart Gold, while an inferior race grabbed the platinum in Dust: An Elysian Tail, one of the games on last month’s PS+ IGC.

Youles checked his back catalogue to spot a record for Dead Nation’s platinum on PS4, but added to this by also grabbing the platinum in record time on PvZ Garden Warfare, also on PS4. Finally, Crazy_Del’s nerves of steel held on so that he could romp through The Evil Within for another platinum record, as well as grabbing the Wheelman platinum.

A inferior race has been busily tapping your latest trophies into his tables, and you can head over to page 2 to view the latest 2014 leaderboards.

Following from recent efforts, if people want to keep sending photos in, I’ll be happy to post them, but gaming places isn’t a regular feature. If you fancy it, just use the submission form below, get in touch with me on Twitter at @teflon, or just send me an email out of the blue to [email protected]

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  1. Cheers for the mention Tef, and for the leaderboards AIR, top stuff!

  2. Cheers for the shout out Tef, and the honorary platinum :-) damn I wish the Wii U had achievements/trophies… I doubt there are many who had the patience to 100% 3D World! Lol.

    Ha, and damn you Avengerrr, that’s gunna take some beating on the 2014 leaderboard! Gunna have to get cracking on my backlog I think… Well played sir.

    Youles, congrats on the PvZ platinum mate, there are a few tough/time consuming trophies in there, nice one :-)

    • I’m sure they’ll catch up and add something like trophies/achievements for the Wii U Too. I mean, they’ve even got an online store these days, so things like proper account-based digital ownership and trophies must be right around the corner, eh?

      • Ha, yeah, if only! Nintendo being so famously flexible and attentive to their fans requests n all ;-)

        I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they announced their retirement from home consoles after the Wii U unfortunately. They seem very much aimed towards bringing all their major franchises to their portable consoles and with the Wii U receiving such a lukewarm reception from devs and the public… I can see the U being Ninty’s swan song. That’ll be an awfully sad day for me, and very likely the end of my Nintendo love affair :-(

    • Cheers, although you clearly have had a bigger gain in points and therefore way more trophies gained than me over the year so far. So nice one there!

      • Thanks fella, but I think the biggest gain in points has to go to Del or R1MJAW :-)

        Ah, but percentage points mean prizes here so as long as you pull in a couple more platinums you’ll be unstoppable :-P

        Still, I’m working on it and we’ve got 6 weeks to go, only co-op to go and I’ll have the Advanced Warfare platinum, plus I have a few in the backlog… I can but try!


      • In earnest you’ll likely get back in to first place. The big jump in my trophy count came in the summer, and now I’m thoroughly busy with work and Uni, so the trophy count isn’t going to see massive jumps in number.

      • Destiny has pretty much single handedly wiped out my trophy progress, as in some cases I am not actually playing anything else!

        Soo addicted!

        However, the first stage in addressing a problem is accepting that you have one, so perhaps it’ll get better from now on!

        … Or not.

    • Cheers mate, let me know if you ever need a hand with any such as Crazy difficulty or any online trophies ;)

      • You can count on it at some point mate, ta muchly, it’s just a matter of finding a day\time that works for both of us… Or our other halves more to the point :-D

      • Haha, very true! Am sure we can squeeze it in sometime!

      • ‘Other halves’?? ‘Squeezing it in’??

        There’s a dirty joke there somewhere…

        Must. Resist. The. Smut.

  3. I missed the update about Share Play and AW, good to hear it’s still on the cards.

    Out of curiosity, how many people are planning on getting GTA V? I’m wondering how much stuff there will be to do online with other TSA’ers.

    • I am buying it again gazza! :)

      • Getting it on Christmas as I will be busy with Assassin’s Creed this month.

      • Yay!

  4. I’m surprised there wasn’t the habitual mention of F1 this weekend. I can’t wait to see the highlights tonight of the race. Things are heating up in that Rosberg Hamilton face off and it would be great for Williams to hustle in on the action as well.

  5. ‘Nerves of steel’ I like it! xD Cheers for the mention Tef on my opinion on Share Play and achievements :)
    Also congrats to everyone on their gaming accomplishments =D

  6. Ha! Melodramatic. It’s cakes controversial

  7. I finally finished Catherine !

    • Nice one. Probably one of the biggest surprises I’ve had from PS+, in that I was expecting it to be utter tripe but I actually really enjoyed it. The story hooked me in and, by Christ, towards the end it is really challenging! Well worth a punt.

      • It really was difficult at the end. And I played on Easy. The story got me in the end. Very different. I didn’t get the ending I desired. I would finish it again just to get a different ending :p

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