Almost 40 Minutes’ Worth Of Assassin’s Creed Unity Gameplay Appears Online

Assassin’s Creed Unity is Ubisoft’s flagship entry to the franchise this year, getting much more attention than the last gen offering of Rogue. Unity will have you navigating Paris as the French Revolution kicks off as Assassin Arno, as you combat the massive divide between the ruling class and everyone else. Everyone knows how that ended in reality with the fall of the French monarchy, and the game will likely show how the Assassins had a hand, and blade, in that.


If you’re waiting to see some more of the game before considering a purchase then you may want to watch the videos below. The two pieces of footage, totaling  just under 40 minutes, shows Unity’s Paris as well as the new gameplay element where Arno gets transported to different places. Both videos contain massive spoilers so if you want to go into Unity completely fresh then avoid them. If you’re curious then have a watch.

Source: MrSkillToKill2‘s Youtube via DualShockers



  1. Looks really smart, but I’m still just a bit bored of the series (perhaps I would be more interested if it wasn’t released annually).

    That running looks a bit annoying, people keep getting in the way and tripping over.

    • You aren’t alone – I feel it is probably the yearly rehash as well (although I can’t say I was ever a fan of the multiplayer element either).

      AC3 sits incomplete in my PS3 collection. Haven’t even started AC4 yet.

      I don’t think I’ll be bothering with either this or Rogue.

      • I just can’t keep up (like you I have AC3 still incomplete), and the changes never seem large enough. Although Unity does seem more interesting, I’ve been made tired of AC by all the games before it so I doubt I’ll both. And even if you miss one, you know you can always just get next years’ game.

      • Bother, not both :/

  2. This game looks like a technical mess. Shades of AC3 anyone?

    Terrible NPC pop in 10 feet in front of you, glitches galore, brain dead AI and a framerate that looks like it dips into the low 20’s. Hilarious!

    Been a big AC fan since the first one but I’ll definitely give this a miss till it’s bargain price territory. I will say that it looks pretty, but next gen does not start here Ubisoft

    • This looks like a different game when compared to all the supposed gameplay clips earlier this year. So many effects look like they’ve been dropped and quality of textures dropped.

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