Geoff Keighley Unveils The Game Awards, Has Full Industry Support

Geoff Keighley has unveiled a new games award show, and has gone with the simple name of The Game Awards. This new show is not made in conjunction with Spike, and will in fact be a direct competitor to VGX if that is airing this year. Furthermore The Game Awards has full industry backing with the likes of Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime. Ubisoft’s Yves Guillemot, Hideo Kojima, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer. Sony’s Shawn Layden, Martin Tremblay. and Peter Moore all part of the show’s advisory board.

To further show that this is an industry wide sponsored event The Games Awards 2014 will be available to watch on Steam, Xbox Live, PSN, Nintendo’s own services, and I would imagine other streaming sites too including Twitch. The event itself will show will be a show where new games will be announced, as well as having interviews with game developers and other industry figures. It’s hard to imagine how Spike will react should it lose the ability to unveil new games to The Game Awards, especially due to the might behind the new show.


The Game Awards 2014 will be broadcasting live on December 5th from Las Vegas, though a time has yet to be confirmed. Of course we’ll bring you all the news we can from this show as it happens.

Source: Variety



  1. This is pretty sweet that you can watch it on XBL or PSN as for spike you couldn’t watch that unless online on some sight

  2. This will be a major change for the industry.

  3. It’s not like it can get any worse.

    (This is the second time I write this comment, the first time my phone crashed while typing. Never knew smartphones had a cruel sense of ironic humour.)

  4. This sounds fantastic, hopefully it will be much easier to watch on the ps4 than on my laptop. Man it’s such a nightmare to stream anything through my laptop.

  5. Spike is awful, so if this takes over from them, it’s probably good news. Fingers crossed.

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