New PS Move Title Henka Twist Caper Announced For PS4, Coming 2015

OriGaminc has announced a new PS4 title called Henka Twist Caper, a game that focuses a lot on interacting physically with other players. Similar in a way to Johann Sebastian Joust. Henka Twist Caper currently only has PS Move support but DualShock 4 compatibility is also being worked on. In this game you have to move your controller around to find a precision spot, and when this is found the controller lights up. You have to keep the controller in that zone until your bar is filled up.

But other players are doing the same so you also have to interfere with their progress, which includes moving their controller away or finding  some other way to stop your foes. Henka Twist Caper will also have a team based mode, and here all teammates share the same precision point. You then have to work together to hinder the other team from finding their own precision area, or again make them fail in any other way. The play area in both modes will be small so you’ll be forced to engage in physical battles.

Source: PS Blog


  1. Johann Sebastian Wrestling? Love it.

  2. Maybe I’m just in a miserable mood today but… I have one Move controller which I bought for use with PS3 and it’s now under layers of dust (no it’s not, I do clean my house, but you get the idea), I don’t have a camera for PS4 because I can’t see any games requiring the camera (apart from this game), I don’t see the point in buying more Move controllers when they’re not being supported (I note that the DS4 should be supported in future), and as I’m married (my wife and I work very long hours) and have a 9 year old son it’s not like I have parties regularly enough to warrant a purchase of the game, additional controllers or, to find out how the game works. Plus I’m not about to put a load of sticky tape across my carpet. Other than the reasons stated above, I think this game is a winner!

  3. This looks shockingly bad!! A 100,000 volt bad!

  4. Roughly 20 people will ever play this….

    • The figure you quote must surely include the developers and testers.

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