Sci-Fi RPG Y2K Will Be Coming To PS4 & Vita, Features Permadeath For Enemies

There was a time in our history not too long ago when people thought the world was going to end at the beginning of the year 2000. This wasn’t because of divine intervention or aliens attacking, but because people thought all our computers would crash due to a programming bug where technology wouldn’t be able to figure out the difference between 1900 and 2000. Of course since we’re still using computers, even more so these days, that apocalypse never came to pass. There isn’t much game footage, but you can see some of the design in the below video.


AckkStudios has taken that scenario and made a turn based RPG on the general idea of it, where in this story an elevator takes the life of a woman. The main character Alex Eggleston decides to investigate this death, and finds some things on a forum from 90’s. In conjunction with these discoveries Alex also learns of a Death Cab, which drives all over the place and is seemingly connected to a lot of people dying. One thing leads to another and Alex is joined by a girl who can travel in an area called the Soul Space, and an android that can traverse dimensions.

One of the unique points that AckkStudios wants to point out are the enemies, which you can see on the map. The developers say that once an enemy is killed it remains dead, so if you go back to an area you won’t have to worry about fighting it again. AckkStudios has also stated that should you kill all the enemies and still not be strong enough to kill a boss then you can access a new area, which is accessed by dialling #333 on an in game payphone to grind away.  There’s a 400 page script too and Y2K will feature complete voice work.

Y2K has also been confirmed for Wii U.

Source: PS Blog




  1. I was scandalously drunk that New Year’s eve.

    Not cos i thought the Y2K bug would be ever materialise. I was just preposterously drunk.

  2. A friend of mine got paid ridiculously well to fly around the world ‘fixing’ the Y2K issue. ;)

    I’m not hugely interested in the game as of yet but will see when gameplay is revealed.

    • I must say I’m very impressed as I can report that I didn’t have single problem

      • Most people wouldn’t have had a problem either but for all the scaremongering, and opportunists all too willing to take advantage of the situation. Plenty of new companies sprang up offering a Y2K compliance service to all the businesses who were now looking for advice or better still someone to oversee a task that they themselves had no understanding of but were willing to pay a premium to have it sorted. My friend found himself working for one such company for a few months in 1999, he said he wouldn’t see work like that again in a thousand years so he went for it ;)

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